The Vurb Classic

What is the FMF Vurb Classic

Our mission with the Vurb Classic is simple; have the most badass local race imaginable. With support from our amazing sponsors, we’re able to bring a national caliber look and feel to the three extremely unique events around the country, all while keeping the cost equivalent to any other weekend at your local racetrack. With amazing facilities, the best media builders in the business and the exposure to match, we’re able to provide an incredible low-cost race experience with our main goal of helping you get noticed. All in all, it’s a low-pressure local race with national talent, national feel, and national style coverage; a great place to put your name on the map.


Who Is Invited

These events are open to anyone, and we encourage every hot shoe in the region (or world!) to come out and show what they’ve got on what could be considered home turf. With our reach, we bring in some of the fastest amateur racers in the country as our “hired guns” and the goal is to beat them. Those who succeed in doing so are rewarded greatly through mass coverage, awards, and recognition.


Who and What is an FMF Hired Gun

The FMF Hired Guns are national caliber racers that we bring in as our elite. They wear a bib with a big ole’ Scott Sports target and their back, and your goal is simple; beat them. Hired Guns are hand selected by the vurbmoto staff based on results throughout the year, as well as past performances at the Vurb Classic. Sorry Hired guns, one major change for 2015 is that the Race Tech Shocking Performance and FMF Power and Performance awards will be only available to those not running a bib. This allows us to spread the love to more local talent and help them gain exposure… we’re sure you guys understand!

The Awards

One of the most unique things at the Vurb Classics are our special awards. With help from FMF, Race Tech, FLY Racing, and Motorcycle Superstore we have multiple awards for those who really stand out at each event.


The FMF MX King of the Classic

This might be one of the most sought after awards in all of amateur motocross. The rider with the best average finish over the entire weekend takes home the Alias MX King of the Classic Staff. That means we take the sum of all of your finishes, divide it by the number of classes raced, and whoever has the lowest average wins. You must race at least two classes per day to be eligible. (Note: Any professional racer which participates in any professional series, and also receives an income for that racing, is not eligible for the King of the Classic. This award is reserved for amateur level racers without a professional income.)


The FMF Power Awards

There are two of these bad boys reserved for a Youth and Amateur racer (non-hired gun) that have outstanding results on the weekend. Likely, these will be racers who were in contention for the King of the Classic and had some bad luck in a moto or two. They showed their power against the big dogs, and their talent and speed will be recognized accordingly.


The FMF Performance Awards

Much like the FMF Power Awards, there will be two of these awarded to both a youth and amateur rider (non-hired guns). These will be given to racers who may not have had the best results, but stood out in particular motos with outstanding performances. These awards are chosen at the discretion of the Vurbmoto staff based on our criteria of great performances and sportsmanship.


The Fly Racing For All The Right Reasons Award

FLY Racing is also going to be awarding one deserving racer per Vurb Classic venue with a 2016 Sponsorship by way of the For All The Right Reasons Award. This includes 4 sets of gear, one helmet, and 60% off everything else for the year. This award will be given to riders who prove themselves on and off the track, our way of thanking the racers and families that embrace "Ride Life" qualities and bring great ethic and heart to our community.

FLY Racing is going to help bring smiles to each Vurb Classic in 2015 by donating $2K worth of FLY Bucks at each round. FLY Bucks are as good as cash at your local dealer, stop in grab some new gear or casual and be your way.


The Race Tech Most Shocking Performance Award

The name says it all folks. The racer that makes us drop our jaws with a shocking performance(s) gets a full factory suspension ride with Race Tech for 2015. Parts, labor, and an incredible team to help you get dialed in; this is one that has helped riders take their careers to the next level.