12 Steps Of Going Riding With The Boys


1. Roll out (of bed)

Rise and shine, it's moto time. You roll out of bed at an ungodly hour, even though it's the weekend. No matter, you can sleep when you're dead.

2. Grab the gear

This gear will be good for tomorrow, right?

Can't ride without gear. If you're a responsible person, there's a fresh set waiting for you, that smells lemony fresh. If not, grab a set out of the hamper that is still caked with mud, blood, and another foreign substance that no one knows (or wants to know) the identity of.

3. Coffee Break

Coffee. The original energy drink. Two cups of the good stuff and you have a couple of 30 minute motos, ready to go.

4. Load the bike

If you drive a van, chances are you already did it, because your bike never leaves the vehicle except for a ride and a wash. For those of us with trucks, the load process is a necessary annoyance. We can fit 3 bikes and 3 gear bags and such in a 5ft bed, right?

5. Never mind, bike maintenance

Uh yeah, I don't think that thing's quite ready to go, dude.

Wait a minute, I forgot to put in a filter. Or maybe the spokes are loose. Whatever it is, you just added a good 15 minutes to your departure time. Forgot oil, too. Not to drain it, just to put it in. You can do that at the track, just leave yourself a little note.

6. Load the bike again
Loading up once more. Your boy says he can ride it up the ramp, which is easy to do, but seriously tempting the fates to ruin your day/bike/truck/ego. Don't be a hero and just push it.

7. On the road

Finally en route. Damn it, you obviously need gas, so stop at the local station. Race gas is overrated, anyway. 93 octane rules.

8. Food stop

Got fuel for the bike, now time to fuel yourself. You stop at Starbucks or McDonald's and get some 700 calorie monstrosity. Hey, you're about to ride, you need some damn energy, right?

9. Arrive

You know the drill: sign the waiver, pay the day fee, and you're there. Even though you had grand aspirations of being the first to the track, about a million vet riders beat you there. Damn them and their internal clocks.

10. Unload

Take it easy. Don't be that guy.

11. Suit up

You guys ready to let the dogs out?

Time to gear up. You know you should probably do some good stretching and warming up, too, but....dirtbikes. It's time for dirtbikes.

12. It’s go time

Hit the course, first tracks of the day. Nappy Roots playing in your head right now: "We're gonna have a good day."

Eric Wright