2012 JS7 Freestone Winners Circle: Luke Purther


As the James Stewart Spring Championship is quickly approaching, we caught up with another champion from last year as a part of our Winners Circle. Luke Purther took the 2012 85cc 9-13 title at last year's Freestone and he is gearing up for what is sure to be another big season. Luke filled us in on what he's been up to since finishing the year with strong rides at Loretta's and his plans for 2013.

You had some standout rides at Freestone and followed them up with strong performances at Loretta Lynn's. What have you been up to in the off-season?
I didn't ride very much after Loretta's this year and when I started back getting into the swing of things in December, I had a minor injury which set me back some. So, I just started getting back to normal training in the last month. I did fit in some snow boarding, fishing and hunting though!


2012 was a pretty big and busy year for you. Do you have a favorite moment from the year?
It was pretty cool to win a title at Freestone, to get a chance to go to Bubba's Compound, but I didn't end up going.

Do you feel that 2013 is your year? You have been battling with the top guys since you were on 60's, is this your year to break out and turn some heads?
Every year is an exciting year and I hope this year is another good one. I'll be at Oak Hill, Freestone, World Mini's, Mammoth, Ponca and Loretta's


When do you plan on transitioning into big bikes?
After Loretta's this year.  

You've been riding since you were seven, so you've almost been on a bike more years than you haven't. What keeps you motivated each season?
I have a lot of awesome sponsors and that keeps me motivated to do 100% for them all year.

Chelsea Stratso