5 Reasons You Can't Miss The War Machines Premiere At Echeconnee This Weekend


Special Guests
Do you want to ride and chill with guys like Jimmy Decotis, Drew Torrance, Nick Batten, Daniel Leclair, Anthony Rodriguez, Martin Castelo and plenty of other special guests that’re featured in the new FMF War Machines Film? Then you’ve come to the right place, because all these rippas will be in full attendance this weekend at Echeconnee MX! Take it from me, this crew (especially the Jones Bro Ridas) can make absolutely any day of riding into an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. So you don’t want to miss this!

The Dirt
Have you been to Echeconnee? Because if you have, then this goes without saying — but the dirt here is absolutely incredible. This stuff is a mixture of sand and loam that will leave you breathless (literally if you’re riding behind somebody out there). And that’s not all. Aside from all the things that there WILL be at Echeconnee, the riders are probably most stoked on what there WON’T be — and that’s rocks. So that’s a mixture of sand and loam with no rocks in sight? What else needs to be said before you’re ready to berm blast?

Special Events
In the words of Matt “The Stalker” Walker himself, “We will have a bouncy house and slide. An egg hunt. A bunch of Easter themed relay races!! The finale, before the video premier of #WarMachines, will be the "WORLD BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP" (so start picking your partner)” I mean honestly, where else can you shred your dirtbike, bounce your heart out, search for easter eggs, race “Easter Themed” relays, and compete in a world badminton championship all in one weekend? I’d venture to say nowhere, except here that is. 

The World Premiere
That’s right boys and girls, this will be the official world premiere of the vurbmoto feature film War Machines. What does this mean? Ultimately, if you’re at Echeconnee on Saturday night, you’re going to see War Machines before anyone else. IN THE WORLD… What’s that mean for you? Well if you know anything about life, you know that the first step to being cool is being the first to do something. You’re an innovator. You’ve seen the unseen. You can now head on home and tell all your friends how you’ve seen the movie and they haven’t. And there’s nothing more fun than rubbing stuff in peoples faces. We all know that.

You want pictures and video of yourself on vurbmoto? Then you’ve come to the right place, because the vurbmoto crew will be in full effect to get all of you guys and gals up and going on your road to stardom. Will we get everyone some kind of content on vurb? I don’t make promises, but I know I’m definitely going to be busy those two days trying to make that happen! 

Eric Shirk