NOV. 29, 2008 - ANDREW CAMPO

A Day in the Dirt 2008: Preview

It's 3:46 in the morning and I just got done watching the Brandon Mays helmet cam right here on Vurb, good stuff. What am I'm doing up in the middle night? I'm getting ready to head to the races. I'm thinking that it is very possible that I might be traveling further than anybody else who will enter through the gates at LACR this morning to attend A Day in the Dirt. I will embark on an hour plus drive to the airport and then hop a plane to Los Angeles, followed by a two hour drive to the track. If all goes well, I estimate to arrive by 9:30 PST.

I have been looking forward to this event for longer than one might imagine. Years ago I sat atop the cliffs at Trails, a surf spot south of San Onofre in Southern California, with a group of friends watching the surf role in before paddling out. Visions from On Any Sunday filled my head as I peered south amongst the very shoreline in which a segment of the film was shot. The ever so pure history that was brought to life in that film was pumping through my blood as I am one of them.

Since way back in 1978 when my brother Ron handed me down his XR75, twenty pound leather pants, and open face helmet complete with a Jofa, I have been one of them. A person who has lived through decades with a sole passion that rises above all. Motocross can be described as infectious, something that gets into your blood and remains throughout your course. The life that it presents includes so many healthy elements from friendships, to journeys, to dreams, to obtained goals, and most importantly the common brotherhood that only we can share.

Today, I will travel to not only a race, but to a gathering of great magnitude. A gathering of brothers and sisters brought together in effort to celebrate the history, future, and common bond that drives within.

California has always been considered home to American Motocross and today as many from our sport are gathered along the fence lines at Gatorback Cycle Park in Florida watching the future of our sport evolve, a mass gathering of motocross enthusiast from all walks of the sport are joining forces in celebration of the twisted throttle.

How important is A Day in the Dirt to the crew at Vurbmoto and myself? It has been recognized in motocross at its finest and an event that warrants our best attempt at capturing the historical spirit. So as the next three days unfold, I'm making it my goal to dig deep and expose the efforts of event coordinator Kenny Alexander and all who have helped make this weekend possible though my lens, voice, and love of motocross.

Roughly four Hours later;

I have made the journey and have entered through the gates of LACR and, to be honest, I did not expect the attendance to be so as truly massive. The riders have taken to the track for a day full of open practice that will be followed by a night of festivities including the traditional hanging of the Christmas lights and bench racing born from legends of the sport.

To follow is a glimpse inside the gates from Friday practice, be sure to stay tuned as we bring you more from A Day in the Dirt '08.

- Campo



Andrew Campo