Anaheim 2 Analytics


Want to skim the fat, spare yourself the details and get straight to what really matters? We got you covered. Take a look below to see all the important statistics from A1. If you have any recommendations for stats you would like to see in the future, feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below.

Race Winner: Eli Tomac
Podium: (1) Eli Tomac, (2) Cole Seely (3) Marvin Musquin
Holeshot: Cole Seely
Laps Led: Eli Tomac (12), Cole Seely (3)
Major Crashes:  Martin Davalos and Jason Anderson tangle in the 1st lap, both getting up but putting in their worst main event performances of the season
Major Incidents: Cole Seely gets back up on the box and Nico Izzi shows solid improvement for 5th in the main
Championship Lead Before: Eli Tomac 15 points ahead of Dean Wilson
Championship Lead After: Eli Tomac 22 points ahead of Dean Wilson
Heat Winners: Heat 1 -  Dean WIlson  / Heat 2 - Eli Tomac
LCQ Qualifiers: (1) Travis Baker (2) Gareth Swanepoel
Fastest Main Event Lap: Eli Tomac 55.175
Fastest Qualifying Lap: Ryan Sipes 56.221 - Heat 1 / Eli Tomac 55.776 - Heat 2
Notes: Eli Tomac opens up his points lead and holds down a commanding lead on the points chase

Race Winner: Ryan Villopoto
Podium: (1) Ryan Villopoto, (2) James Stewart,  (3) Chad Reed
Holeshot: Justin Brayton
Laps Led: Ryan Villopoto (20)
Major Crashes: No major crashes to report this week.
Major Incidents:  RV regains the points lead once again
Championship Lead Before: Dungey and Reed tied for first only 2 points ahead of RV
Championship Lead After: Ryan Villopoto leads Chad Reed by 3 points
Heat Winners:
 Heat 1 - Ryan Dungey / Heat 2 - Ryan Villopoto
LCQ Qualifiers: (1) James Stewart (2) Jimmy Albertson
Fastest Main Event Lap: Ryan Villopoto 55.019
Fastest Qualifying Lap: Heat 1 -  54.618 Chad Reed (Lap 7) / Heat 2 - 54.906 Ryan Villopoto (Lap 5)
Notes: After a nasty get-off in the heat, James Stewart comes back to ride surprisingly safe in the main and build some points. RV takes the points lead, Chad Reed proves he's a definite championship contender.



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