Analytics: Big Buck GNCC


Analytics are meant to bring you the stats of a race, and this Analytics report breaks down the XC1 and XC 2 classes from the Steele Creek GNCC. If you have any recommendations for stats you would like to see in the future, feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below.

XC 1 Class

Race Winner: Kailub Russell
Podium: 1) Kailub Russell  2) Paul Whibley  3) Charlie Mullins
Holeshot: Paul Whibley
Most Laps Led: Kailub Russell (6/6)
Major Crashes: Kailub Russell said he had a good hard crash, but judging by his lap-times you'd never know.
Major Incidents: A lot of racers fell victim to a mud hole on the course, and eventually it kept Paul Whibley and Charlie Mulllins tight. Jordan Ashburn also lost the brakes on his Yamaha, costing him a better finish.
Podium Manufacturers: KTM, Yamaha, KTM
2011 Winner:  Charlie Mullins
2011 Podium: Charlie Mullins, Josh Strang, Kailub Russell
Fastest Lap: Kailub Russell 28:41:62
Winner's Total Time: 02:51:12
2012 points Standings: Paul Whibley 101- Kailub Russell 99- Charlie Mullins 86


XC 2 Class

Race Winner:
Steward Baylor
Podium: Steward Baylor, Andrew Delong, Jason Thomas
Holeshot: Ryan Lojak
Most Laps Led: Steward Baylor (5/6)
Major Crashes: Brad Bakken took a hard crash and lost his podium spot while running third; Bakken said he flew chest first into a tree.
Major Incidents:
This was Andrew Delong's first podium of the year. Jason Thomas rode his first race on a KTM after his recent departure from Husqvarna.
Podium Manufacturers: KTM, Husqvarna, Husqvarna
2011 Winner: Steward Baylor
2011 Podium:
Steward Baylor, Jordan Ashburn, Jason Thomas
Fastest Lap:
Steward Baylor 29:29:40
Winner's Total Time: 02:56:35
2012 points Standings: Steward Baylor 120- Jesse Robinson 84- Jason Thomas 79

Megan Blackburn