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Want to skim the fat, spare yourself the details and get straight to what really matters? We got you covered. Take a look below to see all the important statistics from A1. If you have any recommendations for stats you would like to see in the future, feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below.

Race Winner: Dean Wilson
Podium: (1) Dean WIlson (2) Cole Seely (3) Matt Moss
Holeshot: Vince Friese
Laps Led: Dean Wilson (15)
Major Crashes:  Eli Tomac had one of the worst get-offs in the Lites season. The whoops took him down hard and put him over 2 laps back. Shortly after, Marvin Musquin tangled with Jason Anderson and Scott Champion. He crashed in the section following the whoops in the center of the track on a tricky section
Major Incidents: Vince Friese pulls the holeshot, Gavin Faith rode to his career best 7th, and Tomac surrenders the points chase. 
Championship Lead Before:  Eli Tomac 22 points ahead of Dean Wilson
Championship Lead After: Dean Wilson 2 points ahead of Eli Tomac
Heat Winners: Heat 1 -  Dean WIlson  / Heat 2 - Cole Seely
LCQ Qualifiers: (1) Kyle Beaton (2) Nick Paluzzi
Fastest Main Event Lap: Dean WIlson 46.933
Fastest Qualifying Lap: Dean Wilson 47.379 - Heat 1 / Eli Tomac 46.865 - Heat 2 

Race Winner: Ryan Villopoto
Podium: (1) Ryan Villopoto, (2) Chad Reed  (3) Ryan Dungey
Holeshot: Brett Metcalfe
Laps Led: Ryan Villopoto (19) Chad Reed (1)
Major Crashes: James Stewart crashes hard in the whoops, as does Kevin Windham
Major Incidents:  RV/Reed battle on lap 17, Mike Alessi holding up Reed as a lapper
Championship Lead Before: Ryan Villopoto leads Chad Reed by 3 points
Championship Lead After: Ryan Villopoto leads Chad Reed by 6 points
Heat Winners:
 Heat 1 - Ryan Villopoto / Heat 2 - Chad Reed
LCQ Qualifiers: (1) Jake Weimer (2) Bobby Kiniry
Fastest Main Event Lap: 45.674 - Ryan Villopoto
Fastest Qualifying Lap: Heat 1 -  46.158 (Lap 1) / Heat 2 - 45.668 James Stewart (Lap 5)

Aran Eversman