Athlete Blog: David Kamo


The beginning of this year I decided to do the 1st BITD race in Parker, AZ and I talked my teammate Colton Udall to team up with me. Since Johnny Campbell was co-piloting for Robby Gordon at the Dakar, and Eric Siraton was being a mechanic for Quinn Cody, we had the support of Scott Dunlavey (Berkeley Honda), and Hide Hanawa for the Parker race. Colton and I had a great race, but ended up 2nd behind Robby Bell and Dave Pearson.
The next week I was in the shop at JCR Honda getting my hands dirty assembling a practice bike, while Hide Hanawa was prepping my Hare & Hound race bike. It usually takes two days to put a bike together, but with Eric and Johnny still at Dakar, it took me about a week!
Three days before the first National Hare & Hound, Johnny and I did some testing on my H&H race bike. We put some good hours in on making the bike fit me more comfortable. The first National Hare & Hound I ended up 3rd overall behind Caselli and Pearson. The race wasn't very technical as I thought it was going to be honestly. I really didn't get to finish very many Hare & Hounds last year so I felt very relieved to go from not finishing any races to being up on the podium.
I ended up staying down in southern California for a month till the second National Hare & Hound in Ridgecrest, CA. I rode some motocross tracks, an SRA race, and a little bit of desert while I was down here. JCR Honda had a photo shoot the week before the 2nd Hare & Hound and the same day as the King of the Motos. So we couldn't attend the King of the Motos, but Colton Udall, Timmy Weigand, Johnny Campbell, and I rode around in front of the camera and had a camp fire at The Ranch in Anza, Ca. With Quinn Cody going to KTM, we decided on having one strong Honda team for Baja (Colton Udall, Timmy Weigand, and myself).

The Day before the Ridgecrest Hare & Hound, I collided with Kevin DeJongh (Blais Racing Rider). We were out riding and both of our trails merged as I was going about 45mph. I ended up hitting the ground. Kevin was okay, but I took a hard hit to my shoulder and got road rash!
My teammate Timmy Weigand came out to do his very first Hare and Hound out in Ridgecrest and he ended up doing really good and finished 6th overall. I, on the other hand, didn't do so well. I wrecked at the end of the bomb start going 75 mph. Abbott and Caselli got to the line that I was on, so I changed lines and clipped a rock throwing me off from the bike. I got back on the bike after I caught my breath and I ended up clipping another rock and wrecking again. The bike was so tweaked from the first wreck that it helped me wreck the 2nd time! The second Hare & Hound wasn't a good weekend with a DNF and 3 different wrecks.
I headed back home after the race up to Idaho. It was a 13-14 hr drive back up to the cold Idaho weather to heal up before Baja 250. I drove back down from Idaho two weeks later to do a quick 2 day mileage pre-run with Colton and Timmy for the Baja 250. Currently we are all headed back down a week before the 250 to prerun all week.
David Kamo

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