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Jarrod Rogers, Director of Marketing Operations at MotoSport.com, has established himself as part of the foundation at MotoSport.com. From customer to employee, Jarrod found luck to be on his side as he was offered a job for the world he loved, dirt bikes. A rider and racer himself, he has a genuine passion for his job. Jarrod's a professional, humor-filled guy who has helped build the empire of MotoSport.com. Read on to learn more about Jarrod, MotoSport.com and one of the coolest contest the industry has ever seen.

Vurboffroad- Tell us when your love for dirtbikes came along?
Jarrod Rogers- Well, I started riding when I was a kid. I used to walk by the Honda shop near my house and always dreamed of having a motorcycle. When I was 9-years old I got a Honda Trail 90, and I rode for about a year, but never really rode again until I was 20! In '93 I began racing motocross and off-road and have been ever since. Currently I have an '09 CRF250 with a Rekluse for trail riding, an '05 CRF450 for motocross and I recently bought a 2012 KTM 500EXC for dual-sporting.

When did you get started working in the motocross industry?
It’s kind of a funny story. I called up MotoSport 11 years ago to order a rear Talon wheel and ironically the CEO Bill Butcher answered the call. In the process of selling me the wheel, I was telling him about some video game development that I had been doing and how cool (back then) MX Mania was. At the end of the call when he asked for my address, I told him Eugene, Orgeon, where I lived at the time. He said, "No kidding! I need someone like you and we are getting ready to move the business from Yakima, WA to Eugene." He then asked me if I was interested in a job…One thing led to another and I have been working at MotoSport since.

Describe a typical day in your job with MotoSport...
I work in a few areas. I manage our Contact Center where I oversee the customer service and sales side of the business, working to better the customer experience through training and improvement. I enjoy listening to our customers and finding solutions that both work for the customer and the business. I also work on the marketing side for all of our branding efforts like our MotoSport.com/Ti-LUBE/Foremost Supercross team, different race series like the GNCC, rider support, even with all print magazines and catalogs. On top of all that I also manage our Merchandising Operations team that is responsible for every part number and image on our website. I have a great time at work!

What are some of the best things you've been able to accomplish at your position with MotoSport?
That’s a tough one. I have worked on many projects over the last decade, but I think what stands out most is the combination of smaller projects, making sure our customers don’t miss a ride.

With the evolution of social networking online, MotoSport has constantly been on top of the status game. Why is it so important to build personality through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc...?
Just like in our personal lives, social media has become a large part of most of our lives. It’s a great way to connect with our customers and let them share their experiences with us, and vice versa. We love to see how all of the cool products we sell get used, and the different personalities that use them. We at MotoSport.com love riding and racing and what better way to express that to the masses than through social media.

Tell us why you're continually working on branding MotoSport on the internet.
You know it’s funny, I always ask people where they get their parts and it just kills me when you talk to someone who has never heard of us. We work hard to make sure people know who we are and the value we offer. With the sheer volume of products we stock, our amazing website and our free three-day shipping; we try to make it as easy as possible to get the parts, gear and accessories you need fast.

MotoSport has a big contest going on right now, the Ultimate Giveaway. Can you briefly break it down for us?
Sure, it’s your opportunity to try and win yourself a brand new motorcycle, riding gear and protection from great sponsors like Alpinestars, Bell Helmets and One industries. The complete package is worth over $20,000 including the 13 weekly prizes and $500 MotoSport gift card. Just go to http://www.motosport.com/win and enter your information. You can also enter once per week on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/motosportinc.

This is probably one of the largest giveaways a company has done. How did the development of the giveaway come about?
We all sat in a room and asked each other, “What would a really cool contest look like?” Our CEO Bill Butcher said, "How about we give away a brand new motorcycle along with a bunch of cool gear and accessories?" We all looked at each other and said that’s cool – Lets do it.

The MotoSport brand can often be seen at off-road events like GNCC, on off-road websites like Vurboffroad and even MotoSport backed riders like Kailub Russell. Why the big push in off-road?
Off-road riding and racing is a very family oriented sport which suits the MotoSport brand well. We have always been a part of the off-road scene, but lately we have worked more toward the branding side of off-road. With some of the new sites out there like Vurb Offroad, this gives us the opportunity for a bigger reach.

What future plans do you have for MotoSport in the off-road world?
We look to expand even further into the off-road segment with a larger role in some of the off-road series', along with adding more top riders like Kailub Russell to the MotoSport family.

What advice would you give anyone looking to break into the industry-side of the off-road world?
Sometimes this industry is more about who you know than what know. You definitely have to be in it for the passion, not for the money. Overall I would say hard work along with some luck.

What advice can give our readers in regards to a chance at winning MotoSport Ultimate Giveaway in 2012?
My best advice is kind of obvious – You have to enter to win, and you have two chances per week (one on MotoSport.com and one on Facebook). Our last winner Eric Kastl entered every week.

Photos: Kit Engwall

Megan Blackburn