FEB. 12, 2013 - DAVID BULMER

Bye Bye China, Hello Facebook


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So I'm finally leaving the land of no Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I have a 32hr train journey to take me to the border area of Nanning, before I (hopefully) catch a bus across the border into Vietnam. It'll be a shame to leave this amazing place but while not exactly a social-media junky, it's just too frustrating not to be able see a single video here, let alone tweet...

So for work, it's a nightmare, but in terms of sight-seeing, it really is an amazing place full of unique and incredible stuff. Obviously this is a motocross site and I know some of you are wondering why you're seeing pictures of the Great Wall but this is all part of my pilgrimage to the Thailand GP and hopefully this is maybe inspiring you to go on a bit of adventure yourself, whether to a motocross race or not.

Training for Thailand
The 'Birdsnest' Stadium in Beijing would make an amazing Supercross venue

Training for Thailand
You know you're important when you get a headshot on one of the most photographed buildings on the planet near Tian'anmen Square

Training for Thailand
Looking at Jingshan Park from the Forbidden City

Training for Thailand
And this is the view back from Jingshan Park, and a perfect example of how bad the smog problem truly is... and this was a "clear" day

Training for Thailand
There seemed to be no organised fireworks display for the Chinese New Year, so instead everyone just bought as many as possible and lit them wherever they wanted

Training for Thailand
Exhibit A

Training for Thailand
Will we see Robbie Maddison jumping along/over this thing in the future? I hope so...

Training for Thailand
The Great Wall truly is an amazing place

Training for Thailand
The Summer Palace usually has boat tours across... but obviously not today with it being completely frozen over

Training for Thailand

Like I said, I will miss being in Beijing and China in general, with the general excitement of not having a clue as to what food I am eating the majority of the time. At least McDonalds is possibly the cheapest I've found in any country around the world but generally I've tried to eat "Chinese".

Now though, it's time to pack my bags and head to the train station for yet another long-distance train journey. I've finished heading east, so now it's south-west for the first time on a train, which I decided to try out in "hard sleeper" class, aka 3rd class. It's going to be interesting...

David Bulmer