NOV. 12, 2016 - ANDREW CAMPO

Change a Tire In Less Than a Minute


The Laydon Review: Rabaconda 3 Minute Mousse Changer

Changing a tire can be a daunting task for many people; bloody knuckles, pinched tubes, and broken beads are often things that a person can look forward to when changing a tire. Over the years I’ve definitely gotten a lot better at changing tires but on occasion I still pinch tubes or have a “three beer” difficulty changing a stiff wall tire. Like many riders out there I have watched a lot of videos of people changing a tire without breaking a sweat, even when changing a Bib Mousse. Most of them have changed more tires then we will in a life time of riding, but none the less I wanted to learn to master this skill as they had. Recently the Team at Rabaconda asked me to look at their product and run it through its passes; changing tubed tires, Bib Mousse, and small diameters tires. I found that each had its own set of challenges but with the Rabaconda those challenges became less noticeable and very doable. 

The Rabaconda came with a bag which easily contained all of its parts making it very convent to take where every you are going. The product allowed for easy adjustment to an assortment of tire sizes, provided a very solid work platform that allows a person to move the tire around where they want it versus the other way around, and a well-designed bead breaking lever. These characteristics combined to make a product that is well made and easy to use. There are literally hundreds of videos that will show you how to use the product, but I found the video tutorial bellow to be the most informative and easiest to follow , especially when changing a Bib Mouse.

Over the last few years I have wanted to try running a Bib Mousse but the thought of installing one has kept me away from this idea.  However, with the Rabaconda I found that working with a Bib Mousse became much easier and forgiving then working with a tubed tire. For this product test I mounted and dismounted a tire with a Bib Mousse insert (new tire and Bib) well over fifty times. It probably took me a good ten minutes for the first try but the more I worked on my technique (use the above tutorial as a starting point) and allowing the leverage of the machine do its job the easier the process became. During my testing I was using the MX40 tire from Bridgestone for both the 10” tire and the 19”tire. The side walls of the MX40 compared to a desert tire are two different animals but what I found is when changing a stiffer wall tire by taking smaller bites and not getting in a hurry these tires are just as easy to install.  In regards to tubed tires, I have developed my own technique and I’m sure there are videos out there that will help you develop your own. I installed thirty tubed tires without out a pinch or even a worry of pinching a tube, this product works! You’ve heard it before “its all about the base”, the Team at Rabaconda have developed a product that provides a base that I would consider unmatched.

They have developed a sound product that makes the process of tire changing so much easier and I no longer dread the process as much as I use to. This product will change the way you think about changing tires, its as solid as a rock, and based off my testing I would recommend this product to everyone.

- Dave "DD" Laydon

Andrew Campo