OCT. 17, 2016 - DAVID BULMER

Clueless: Monster Cup


So the Monster Cup happened and honestly, it doesn't seem like there was too much hype around it. Sure, Roczen was on his new Honda but other than that, there really didn't seem like too much to get excited for, but let's not that all get in the way of some Clueless comments...

It seems apparent that I do need to include a disclaimer each week I write this column so here it is: None of what is written here is to be taken seriously. I do it all as a joke at the expense of either the fans who comment, the riders who participate or just generally the sport itself. If you want to know exactly what happened at the weekend, check out our Analytics or our Breakdowns. This is satire (or at least tries to be). Laugh..... now


- Guess all those questions about Roczen getting used to the bike have been answered...

- Well they were right up until he endo'd

- Eli Tomac has won every off-season race he's entered

- The entire nation of America isn't that pleased, but Monster are delighted

- Well I guess Mike Alessi still has "it"

- Was Steinke on a 2-stroke?

- Did anyone run anything remotely non-production?

- Carson Mumford, the modern day Cooper Webb... trying to show that the Honda 150 is actually competitive

- I've never made a mistake that cost me $1,000,000 before

- Although it sometimes feels like it when I get called out in the comments section for speeling a wrod wrong

- Is there anyway Forkner can commentate and race the same event?

- Unlike at the SMX, Dungey's consistency didn't quite pay-off

- I'm not wonderful at maths, but wasn't that half-pipe a quarter-pipe?

- Does anyone else think double/triple race finals would make SX more exciting?

- Same number of rounds, more races... win-win?

- Congrats to Team USA's ISDE effort... (and also Team GB in second)

- Dirt Shark, single-handedly keeping non-FMX, non-racing motocross riders in business since 2009

- So did the international stream work?

- Afraid it's a bit like "the boy who cried wolf"... I just don't believe they can figure it out

- Dungey won more money at the SMX cup, than he did at Monster Cup

 - Roczen won two motos and crashed out the other... which apparently makes him like James Stewart

- Speaking of which....

David Bulmer