FEB. 20, 2012 - BRENT STALLO

Dallas Headlines


Ever wonder what the newspaper headlines would read if motocross were covered on a national scale? How would mainstream media portray Saturday’s events in Dallas? Well, we thought the same thing and decided to come up with our own headlines. See what made our list from Dallas.

If Bogle and Stewart didn’t just create a new rivalry then my name’s not Brent Stallo. And just so we’re clear on things, my name is Brent Stallo. Here’s how things played out. Stewart attempted a pass on Bogle that, in retrospect, was a bit forced. He dove in on him coming out of the corner and took out Bogle’s front wheel. Bogle’s leg got caught up in Stewart’s rear wheel and by the time he was removed and able to get back on his bike, he was noticeably pissed. He then slapped Stewart on the back of the head like a pimp slapping his chick. Words were exchanged and though I can only speculate what those words were, I’m going to assume they weren’t, “have a nice day.” We’re going to keep our eye on these two in Atlanta, because we have a feeling this little rivalry is just heating up. Let’s hope they figure out a way to keep it clean from this point forward.

Disney Star Makes Main
Is it me or did Sean Hackley look factory as hell in the LCQ. He landed the Munn Racing KTM ride this year and it was cool to see him jump out to a commanding lead in the LCQ and make the main show. I haven’t seen Hackley look that factory since his amateur days doing Disney commercials. Hackley has been through quite a few injuries since being one of the nations top rated amateurs a few years ago and it was nice seeing him get his season started off right. Hopefully Lady Luck will be on his side this year.

Neuse on 450 Championship Loosens
Things change in the 450 class quicker than you can say “this title may be over,” but you can’t argue the fact that things just loosened up for RV. After reading his latest tweet it looks as if Reed is out for the season, "Well I spent the day in the hospital yesterday here's the damage.. 2 broken ribs, broken spinous T6. Torn ACL and fractured tib fib..." Realistically that leaves Dungey and Stewart. RD is 13 points down, and still very much in the hunt. However, JS7 is a whopping 42 points down. Not to mention Reed was the only one matching RV’s speed over the last few rounds.

Baggett Blows It
Okay, so maybe “blows it” is a tad presumptuous. You can’t deny, however, that Baggett definitely didn’t help his campaign with a 15th in the opening round. He crashed off the start and was unable to work his way through the pack. He'll be back and he'll win races, but starting off in a hole is never easy.

Barcia Hasn't Lost a Step
While Stewart and Durham looked the most aggressive, Barcia definitely hasn’t lost a step in the offseason. However, while he’s still prone to whipping it someone’s face as he he hits the rev limiter on the way by, he’s definitely growing up a bit. His speed looked more controlled than the opening rounds last season and he appeared more patient as well. Maybe jumping on the 450 last summer paid off in supercross as well as outdoors.

Unsuspecting Names Reach Top 10
With bigger names like Baggett, Cunningham, Lemoine, Bogle and even Smith seeing their share of trouble in the main event, a few unsuspecting riders were able to sneak their way into some promising overall finishes in Dallas. Phil Nicoletti ripped a top five, while Jake Canada (7th), Cole Thompson (9th) and Lance Vincent (10th) were able to get their seasons started off on the right foot, as well. These spots are going to get tougher to come by as the season pushes on, but it’s nice to see these boys build some momentum early.


Brent Stallo