NOV. 21, 2012 - BRENT STALLO

Dean Wilson: New Kid on the Block


As we mentioned in yesterday's Great Debate, Dean Wilson has found has found a new team, and it's exactly the same as his old team, Pro Circuit Kawasaki. After the collapse of the JWR team, Deano was left without a ride and with his back firmly planted against the wall, but he seems to have strugged off the troubles and come out it well, and it might even benefit him in the long run. We caught up with Wilson for his first interview as a PC rider... kind of...

After a lot of speculation and turmoil the deal is finally done and, oddly enough, you’re back where you started. Fill everyone in on how everything broke down.
Well obviously last year I got injured and was out for the whole outdoor season, so after that I guess you could say I was a free agent. Obviously the thing with Mitch (Payton) was an option at the time, but I had a lot of really good options and things weren’t quite worked out at the time. In the end I felt like the Jeff Ward team was the best fit for me. They were receiving factory parts, I was getting paid a really good salary and I could bring Monster and my mechanic Paul with me, and I really wanted to be on Kawi, so that was pretty much the best deal. Things were going really well and I was in Florida and just getting back riding again after being off for six months and everything was going good. They shipped me out a bike and after I got comfortable I flew out to California to start testing. Once I started testing there, things started to unravel. After some time out there testing I was released from the team, from what I know there was no funding. I didn’t really know what was going on. Some things weren’t told to me and I didn’t know what to think. I was left in the dark on some things, I think. Basically after my trip to California I was back looking for a job again.
I think I found the perfect opportunity with Mitch. He has all the recources and it’s a team that I’m comfortable with. With it being this late in the season I can just hop in there and feel right at home, so I’m definitely really happy right now.

Dean Wilson
It’s funny how it turned out. You started your career with Mitch and after leaving you end up right back where you started before even racing with another team.

I think it will be good for me. I feel comfortable on Kawi’s and, like I said, I’ll be able to hop right in and feel at home. So far the plan is to ride Lites East and 450 outdoors. I’m only 20-years-old and I had to really, really think about what I wanted to do. I don’t want to look back at life and always wonder what if. I’m still young and I’ve got a good chance at winning a championship so why wouldn’t I take it. I made up my mind that that’s what I wanted to do and that’s why I’m back with Mitch. I finally got my shoulder fixed and I’ve been off the bike for six months so I just want to be as ready as I can. The doctor said that it would be better for my shoulders if I waited to race east coast. My shoulders are good right now, but if I were to race west coast I wouldn’t be quite as ready.

You kind of get the best of both worlds. You get to finish out your Lites career and also be able to race the 450 outdoors where you have proven to be a little faster. So is the plan still to stay in Florida or might you move back to Cali?
No, I have a house in Florida now. That’s where I live, but I’ll probably stay out here in Cali to do some testing and get the bikes to where I want them and then I’ll fly back to Florida and start riding with Chad, so it should be all good.

Chad Reed / Dean Wilson

Can we smell a Dean Wilson Platinum in the air anytime soon?
Aw, man, I’d be well pumped at that. That would be awesome. Hopefully we can organize that and it would be sick.

Once you get outdoors on that 450 we’ll do it.
Let’s do it. I’m pumped.

Brent Stallo