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DMXS: Carmichael - Voda - Gibbs - Lemoine


Carmichael - Voda - Gibbs - Lemoine  and more on DMXS Tonight

Turner Motosports’ Ricky Carmichael had a busy weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway as the former motocross legend drove “double duty” for the first time in his career by competing in both the NASCAR Camping Truck Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series on the same weekend.  RC will be competing in both series again this weekend in Phoenix, so make sure you tune in for all the action on SPEED this Friday at 7:30pm EST, and again on Saturday at 4pm EST on ESPN2.  You can also show your continued support of “The GOAT” by casting your vote for him to repeat as the Camping World Truck Series Most Popular Driver at We look forward to catching up with our friend tonight and get his take on the upcoming SX series and review his year behind the wheel.

Krista Voda is a straight up class act and continues her ascent in the mega-popular NASCAR world, among other sports, as a knowledgeable and professional television personality.  We were fortunate enough to have her work behind the starting gate in our sport for a while before her transition to covering four-wheeled racing, the NFL and BCS football games.  Krista is currently the host of NCWTS Setup, SPEED’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series pre-race show, and is the first female to host such a show.  We thought this would be a great time to catch up and congratulate her on the well-deserved success and hear her take on Ricky’s budding career and those sure to follow in his footsteps from the sport of motocross.

JGR’s Coy Gibbs and his team are well positioned to make some significant gains this year with the signing of Davi Millsaps in the talent rich off-season.  JGR is also looking toward the future and the pipeline full of amateur prospects for the next superstar in the making.  The team is all but completely self sufficient and utilizes their own unique team building strategy within the proven confines at Joe Gibbs Racing in North Carolina.  We will get Coy’s take on the upcoming year and what they’re doing so well to already be considered one of the sport’s premiere teams just three short years removed from their inception.

Matt Lemoine was considered a legitimate title contender after dominating his amateur career.  Fast forward a few years and he will be the first to tell you that he’s fallen short of those goals yet looks to 2011 as a fresh start to rebuilding that momentum.  Matt is a long-time friend, and we’ve been hard on him in the past, but we’re still fans and hope others get to see the speed that we know he’s capable of going.  We probably won’t even give him too hard of a time about his pitiful Dallas Cowboys, but he does still owe us a parade lap in a pink Romo jersey that will be called due this year.  Sorry, Matty.

Docy Andrews is the President of Impact Video Distributing and is considered a true pioneer in our sport for her talented video camera work and ambition to create an outlet to help motocross and other action sports grow.  She began the signature Mini Warriors brand in 1998 and it’s still going strong with their new release of “Mini Warriors 5: Generations” earlier this month.  The high definition DVD is a must have and perfect stocking stuffer for any motocross fan and features the top young stars of today just as the first one did.  Check out to get your copy today. 

Concept 2 Rower’s Greg Hammond is truly one of the nicest folks we’ve met along our decade long journey.  Greg is such an enthusiast for motocross and is always the first to lend a helping hand or just bench race for hours.  We can’t say enough about their rowers except to say if you don’t have one, get it.  You won’t be disappointed and their customer support is top notch.  See for yourself at to see these fitness works of art.

Dream Traxx’s Jason Baker is lucky enough to build motocross and supercross tracks all over the world for a living.  He has built the tracks for Chad Reed’s Aussie SX series for the third year and has piled dirt for Stewart, Poto and Ferry, too.  We will be calling him in New Zealand tonight for the next round of their series for an interview with a little international flavor.  We’ll see if he will ride by Townley’s house and play ding-dong-ditch on the grumpy Kiwi for a few laughs as well.  Check out to see some of his masterpieces.
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