Dominique Thury: Coming to America


Now that the German SX series has come to an end, most European riders start preparing for the outdoors season which kicks off in late February. German youngster Dominique Thury was presented with an offer to race a couple of AMA Supercross rounds, before heading back to Europe ahead of the outdoors.
After finishing second in the SX2 (lites) class in the ADAC supercross, Dominique sure has some skills and we got a chance to have a little chat with him...

First of all, tell us about the year 2011...
Well last year was probably not the year I had expected to begin with. We had some problems with the bike at the beginning of the season. When we that was on track, other things came in to play. I struggled a lot with bad starts, and way too many crashes. I just started to look forward to the supercross season instead, and really made sure that I was prepared.
The supercross season was pretty crazy. I had a lot of ups and downs, although my speed was right there. For example I won a heat in Stuttgart the first night, and had some bad luck in qualifying the day after, and did not make the mains. After that weekend would have never expected to get second overall in the series.

You are going to USA now, how did you get the opportunity, what team and bike? Are you going alone?
Well there are some German guys living in California, who was kind of playing with the idea of starting a race team consisting of only German riders. Unfortunately there were not a lot of guys who wanted to do it. But this is like one of my biggest dreams come true, so I did not hesitate to say yes. I will ride for Halfpro Racing with the Goerke Brothers and Phillip Klakow.
I am riding KTM here in Europe but will be riding Kawasaki's in the SX rounds. I will be testing here the coming weeks. But I rode Kawasaki in 2009 so the transition should not be a problem for me. I hope to bring my team manager from home, but it would be no problem to go by myself.

How many rounds will you race, and which?
I will ride A2 and San Diego before I will go home and start my preparation for the outdoors. We'll fly out on the 29th of January and stay for a month.

What are your goals, and do you believe that they are possible?
My goal right now is to make it into the night shows. I don't know if I can get used to the tracks quickly, and I kind of need to get into a groove and learn the racing, but I think it should be possible.

Tell us about how excited you are to get the opportunity to show yourself in America.
I am SO excited, it is not normal for me at all. I mean, there are still many days left, but I am already nervous now. It is me dream to ride suck races ever since I was a little kid, watching the AMA races and and imagining racing with the big boys, and now it finally comes true! I still can't believe it.

Other than supercross, what are you racing in 2012, and are you going to America again?
Well I will race both German Championships MX1 and MX2 and the ADAC MX Youngster cup. I think that should be more than enough and I will try my best to go for top 3 or better!
My plan right now is just to go over to the US and see how things goes. I'll be there for a month this time, but who knows, hopefully there will be a second time. What I know for sure is, that I will never say no if i get the chance.

Well thanks a lot Dominique, we look forward to watching another rider following his dream, so if you see him at either event, wish him good luck!

Nicolas Schroder Hansen