FMF War Machines Premiere Tour | Sombreros & Beaches


Hey ya’ll! It’s Eric Shirk, or @shirkyyy for all of you that want to follow me up on that there Instagram doohickey. Being that the last time you heard from us was when Aubrey (@aubs623) checked in with you three days ago, allow me to break down the past three days of the trip for you through my eyes!

Alright, so South of the Border went great. We cranked up the morning with a dark sky paradise, and the initial burden of what we thought was going to be an incredibly rainy (and muddy) day of dirt bike riding. However, when the sky cleared and the overcast weather made its way back to where it came from, we were left with a beautiful day of dirt bike shreddage. Did I have to throw on the old mud boots out there on the course in the morning? Sure I did. But hey, it’s all about commitment, and we definitely were committed to making things work at SOB!

Photo: Armored Graphix Inc.

Once all of the fiestas were over at South of the Border, it was time to head over to Club MX for yet again another ride day. It had been a while since we made our way to Club MX, so we were most definitely greeted with open arms. From our point of view it’s always good to have everyone at the track stoked on the fact that we're out there shooting, because they’ll throw down twice as hard for the camera: and that’s exactly what happened! 


Yesterday, we held our final ride day of the weekend over at Elizabeth City MX. Once again, this was another great day of shredding, shooting, and meeting new people. We were super glad to be able to give out so many awesome prizes throughout the day to such a great group of people!

So, to wrap this up — the past three days have been full of good people, good vibes, and big whips. But hey, I’ve got to go, because last night we decided to take it up to Virginia Beach and spend our off day soaking up the rays. So, it’s time to hit the sand! Talk to you soon!

Eric Shirk