MAY 6, 2015 - ERIC SHIRK

Friends of the Freeway | A Special Thanks From The #GTDT Crew


Well, it saddens me to say this, but this leg of the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour (FMF War Machines Premiere Tour) has come to a close. Although this tour was a bit different from our tours in the past, due to the Jones Bro Ridas being there and the movie premieres, there was one thing that remained the same: new acquaintances. That’s right, it seems as though every time I go on tour I make more friends and memories than I could ever imagine. And as I’m sure you know if you were at any of our stops or keeping up with the tour at all on social media — this tour was no different. 

From the hot sunny beaches of Jacksonville, Florida to the cold snowy mountains of Baldwinville, Massachusetts, we've seen pretty much every climate, weather condition, and environment that there is to see on this tour. But regardless of the condition, day in and day out we were greeted with open arms from each and every track owner, rider, employee, or just friend in general that we came in contact with. Which in fact, is why I’m writing this blog, because it’s funny to think that we put on these tours and ride days to give back to you, the motocross community, and in the end you guys end up giving so much back to us in return. 

So, being that the tour has concluded, all of us here at vurbmoto would just like to give a special thank you to everyone that helped us along this trip. Whether you gave us a place to stay, treated us to a hot meal, helped us work on mighty whitey, came out to one of our ride days, or just blessed us with your company, we would like to say thank you. Without you, none of these tours would be possible. Thanks for coming out, and we hope to see you all on the next leg of the #GTDT! Also, we’ve got a ton of content still to come from this leg of the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour including galleries, videos, Instagram posts, etc. So, keep a lookout for more #GTDT content coming in the upcoming weeks. Thanks guys!

If you’d like to see when we’ll be heading to your area next and keep up with the #GTDT content, head on over to the Roadtrips page!

Eric Shirk