Grass Roots: Valcom Motorsports


Grass Roots Heroes with PJ Marquez of Valcom Motorsports Over a plate of sweet and sour chicken last night, a conversation broke out that has landed PJ Marquez of Valcom Motorsports in the spotlight of this week's Grass Roots Heroes feature. I have known PJ for a while now. We have traveled down many roads to many race events, spent countless hours talking about moto, and have ridden and raced some of the most technical terrain in the Rocky Mountain region. As with most of us, PJ’s life revolves around dirt bikes. He’s a huge fan of motocross, but an even bigger fan of enduro racing. PJ’s history is littered with accomplishments from motocross, enduro, flat track, and Baja events. Humble is by far the best way to describe his character; he’s a Baja 500 Class Champion, and you would never know it. If I had a Baja Championship I would never stop talking about it; however, with PJ he talks of Baja and how much he loves it and the win is by far overshadowed by the great stories that are brought to life through living Baja. pj.jpg

PJ has taken his passion for the sport and reached out to many riders through support that is nearly impossible to find through a dealer / rider relationship. Going back to our dinner conversation, I had made a comment to PJ that he has a well defined future and what he is doing in career is what he was destined to do. That is rare, if you think broad, there are millions of people in this world that dream of fields of passion with little or no hope of ever realizing their dreams. PJ has taken his position as a partner in Valcom Motorsports, and grown that into an outlet in which he gives back. In 2007, Valcom Motorsports teamed up Topar Racing in effort to support Kyle Summers in his rookie year as WORCS Pro. The year was a great success for all parties as Kyle stepped right up and proved early in the year to prove he possessed what it took to contest a WORCS Championship. With only two races remaining in the season, Kyle and Topar Racing / Valcom Motorsports Team was sitting in 5th place in the championship hunt. This is not done without a heavy investment from both a monetary and devotional standpoint. Countless miles, ragged out bikes, personal time, and money were the key ingredients to the success, and in looking back, PJ would not have it any other way. Kyle suffered a broken a femur and sat out the last two rounds of his rookie season, but still brought home the #9 WORCS Pro plate along with a year full of priceless memories. Kyle went on to race in 2008 with the RPM KTM program, and to this day PJ still supports him. From new Arai helmets, to using his race van, providing gas money, and providing good old friendship, PJ continues to have Kyle’s back again in 2008. The Topar Racing / Valcom Motorsports program moved forward in 2008 by bringing Gary Sutherlin in to fill Kyle’s spot and once again PJ is behind this rider like no other. Corey Dry is another rider that has worked his way into the heart of PJ Marquez. Valcom has backed Corey for the 2007 and 2008 seasons in both his motocross and enduro efforts. Marquez is convinced that Corey could embark an amazing WORCS career after his dominating introduction to the sport over the last year, and plans to continue supporting Dry as he fights his way into the professional ranks of motocross. PJ would ultimately like to see Corey follow in the steps of Kyle Summers, who has found success in the pro ranks of both the AMA National Motocross and WORCS series. At the events PJ and Tony of Topar Racing always throw a couple of hundred extra dollars into the holeshot award and pro purse. It’s for a simple reason, to support riders, and to me that’s just cool. I stood along the fence line at the Lakewood pro National with PJ watching Kyle Summers put in the ride of his life as he battled Tim Ferry in moto one. Emotions were off the chart, and experiencing racing within that environment simply doesn’t get any better. So here is to PJ Marquez for everything he does for the sport and athletes alike.
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Andrew Campo