Hometown Hero: David Vertucci


When you come to any race there are a million stories to tell in each motorhome (or whatever means of transportation it takes to get there). This is why motocross is so unique. The sport delivers a variety of close-knit families who will literally do anything to get to the next race.

Because the main goal of the Good Times & Dirtbikes Tour is to give as many riders as possible their chance to be in the spotlight, we’re searching for a rider with a story to tell at each track. Meet the latest Hometown Hero: David Vertucci.

In just the second lap of practice at Doublin Gap MX on Tuesday, our attention was abruptly caught by the #77 who became the first and only to jump an intense double on the track. It was David Vertucci, a 17-year-old A class rider from Hamburg, PA riding his Honda 250F.

You could say that his racing career began before he was even born; his father started racing at the age of 15 and competed in a pro career. He decided to share his passion with his son 12 years ago when he brought home a PW-50 for 5-year-old David. Motocross became a family event for the Vertuccis as David loaded up each week with his dad and his brother.

David has constantly been proving himself in this sport. Last year he lived at South of the Boarder to prepare himself for Loretta Lynn's, and it paid off. He was then advanced to the A class where he has been working hard and showing everyone what he's got. This year he has decided not to attend Loretta’s and will take the time off to save money and train so he can be fully prepared for next year. In 2015 David hopes to make it to the Loretta's Ranch, make top fives in the A class, and get a pro ride for the 2016 season.

Aside from riding his favorite track, Mile Mountain, David likes to meet up with his friends to play basketball in his free time. "Riding is pretty much my life to be honest." Other than his education and upcoming senior year, I'm sure (right, mom?) "I just like to have fun riding; that's the most important thing. If you're not having fun riding, what's the point?"

Read more about the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour at vurbmoto.com/roadtrips.

Kaity Butterfield