Industry Insider: Dano Legere


This week we take you inside the life of Dano Legere, the Moto Team Manager for Podium Distribution / DVS Shoes.

Dano looks after some of the biggest names in the sport with a roster of athletes from the Freestyle, Motocross/Supercross, and Amateur National worlds. It’s common for Dano to hear comments such as, “Man you got it good, just hanging at events and putting stickers on rider’s helmets.” It’s true that is part of the gig, but after getting an inside look into the position that Dano holds, I can say with confidence that is probably about .0198% of his role at DVS.


A typical day consists of managing an inbox of 100 plus emails, countless voicemails, travel planning, team management, and that’s just the basics. Dano is heavily involved with the marketing side of things with the brand. The finished product can be in the form of DVS ad campaign creative that can be found within premiere motocross titles around the world, to genius marketing concepts such as the DVS Moto Mouth Contest that allured nearly 2,000 people into sending in their best video impressions of 2 stroke and 4 stroke sounds.

“I can’t tell you how many phone calls I get from the guy with a 1986 CR125 who is absolutely rippin and in need of sponsorship.”

Add a travel schedule that consist of 38 annual trips into the mix, and you are that much closer to living the life that Mr. Legere has been living for nearly three years now. Over this time, Dano has managed to gain a reputation within the industry that many aspire to achieve.

The term “outside looking in” has zero relation to Dano and the hands on, rooted, live the life, approach he brings to the position. A self proclaimed product of the 80's from Huntington Beach, California with a passion for moto that spans decades, is the soul behind the man in review. Dano found his way into the world of motocross through his passion for BMX during the days of P.K. Rippers, Bear Claws, Day-Glo shoe laces, Rad the Movie , Harry Leary, RL Osbourne, Bob Haro, and freestyle pioneer Matt Hoffman. Motocross and BMX went hand and hand, and after Dano swung a leg over an XR100 for the first time, he found himself right at home.

Love of the sport landed him, with broom in hand, multiple positions within shops at an early age. Over time, opportunity presented itself and Dano grew into positions that eventually attracted the staff at Cycle News. After nearly a decade of working in just about department within in the publication, including test rider, he learned of the opening at DVS. A lot of people worthy of the position interviewed for the job, but when the dust settled, Mr. Legere was the chosen one.

His position has allowed him to build lasting friendships with the athletes and families amongst his roster. He has been blessed with the opportunity to live the life and experience first hand what it takes to compete as an athlete at these levels.


“DVS is a core brand and our athlete roster is a direct reflection of that vision.”

Dano recently made the journey to the 2008 Parts Unlimited Spring Classic at Lake Whitney with DVS team rider Sean Borkenhagen and his dad. Knowing that he was going to be there for the duration of the event, Dano decided to step up and give the + 30 class a run.

This was his first time contesting an amateur national event and as practice approached he was faced with a soaking wet, muddy mess. Dano is a California dude and will be the first to tell you that he doesn’t ride mud. He adapted to his best ability in practice and spent a lot of time along the fence watching other classes, figuring out speed, gearing, and lines.

When all was said and done, Dano found himself out front as the checkers flew at the close of moto one. Overwhelmed with the result, the podium experience, and everything else that goes into a win at Whitney, he was on cloud nine, but the pressure was building fast. A phone call from Kevin Windham shortly after the win went something like this, “YO BBBRRROOO!!! You got it, one more and it’s yours, go get it.” It’s safe say that a call from Windham like that would put just about anybody on pins and needles.

At dinner the night before the second moto, people told him stories of how hard his competition had been working. Dano hadn’t trained or even truly prepared for Whitney. An estimated 20 minutes of daily cardio and hit and miss ride days here and there, was all that filled his bag of tricks. He knew he had the speed and the ability to pull it off and as they came out of the first corner in moto two he found himself in 7th place. He moved up to fifth, settled in, found his pace, and soon began to work his way up. He worked up to challenge for second and the battle included roughly five or so passes back and forth with a group of riders that you could throw a blanket over. He came out of it with his sights set on the leader and the championship at hand. Dano reeled in Texas native Alan Johnson, made the pass and never looked back.


“After I settled into fifth, I started laying the wood down”

The Vet 30 Plus Amateur title was his and along with it came one of the biggest accomplishments of his life to date. When asked if he will return the amateur national field, Dano replied by saying that he will retire with that one and set his sights on bringing home a very sought after Karaoke title. He can nail just about anything out of the 80s, but feels that it might be a number from the U.K. front man Billy Idol that brings it home. We have requested some video footage of Mr. Legere on stage in action and hope to bring it to you soon. Watch out Weege!

“Nobody can touch my Billy Idol, any song, I got it dialed”

In closing, Dano was walking through the pits at a Supercross recently and our boy Trey Canard honorably laid down the "bow" as Dano approached. This was out of recognition for the ride at Whitney and will be added to the list of lasting memories that Dano’s journey at DVS has etched. How cool is that?!

For a deeper look into Dano and the DVS Moto Team check out; www.dvsmoto.com

Vurb Staff