John Dowd vs. Mike Brown: Cast Your Vote


Sure, the race for the 250 Championship has four of the best riders in the world running neck and neck for the title. Sure, James Stewart is set to make his return this weekend at RedBud. But who cares about all that when John Dowd and Mike Brown are back on the line doing what they do best…keeping their national numbers.

We set out on a mission before practice to survey as many riders, industry heads and fans as possible to get their take on the saga that is Mike Brown vs. John Dowd. The results were overwhelmingly lopsided, but before we get to the outcome, let’s learn a bit more about each.

At 41 years old, Brown recently became the oldest X Games Gold Medalist in history after winning Moto X Enduro X. He’s seen the gate drop more times than anyone could count and has a resume long enough to fill a phone book. Brown turned pro in 1989 and hasn’t stopped twisting the throttle since. He’s viewed as one of the baddest dudes to ever ride a dirtbike and has the trophies to prove it. 

List of Accomplishments:
Mike Brown
Hometown: Tennessee
Overall Professional Wins: 8
Last Podium: 2005 // Budds Creek // 1st
Rookie Year: 1990
Top 5 in points: 12 series’
EnduroCross Gold Medalist: 2012
MX Champion: 2001
Runner Up – 1995 East Coast SX, 2002 East Coast SX, 2003 East Coast Supercross
WORCS Champion - 2009 

On the flip side of the coin you’ve got 46-year-old, John Dowd. The dude was born in 1965 and still holds the national number 16. In reality we shouldn’t have to list any more accomplishments than that. Most of his competitors were born in the 90s, after Dowd had already been pro for three years. He’s one of the most feared riders to ever conquer the sands of Southwick and is by far the oldest competing rider in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships.

List of Accomplishments:
John Dowd
Hometown: Massachusetts
Overall Professional Wins: 17
Last Podium: 2009 // Southwick // 3rd
Rookie Year: 1987
Top 5 in points: 10 Series
West SX Champion: 1998
Runner Up: 1994 250 MX, 1996 East Coast SX, 1997 250 MX, 1998 125 MX 

Now that you’ve got a handle on just how accomplished both of these “old timers” are, see how the industry and fans feels they will stack up against each other this weekend at RedBud. To reiterate, we asked the one simple question: John Dowd vs. Mike Brown, who will win? These are the results: 

Sample Size: 50

Mike Brown – 35
John Dowd – 15

As you can see there was an overwhelming feeling throughout the pits that Mike Brown will be the victor of the Dowd vs. Brown battle at RedBud. Most seemed to give Brown the edge based on age, his recent X Games Gold medal, his off road experience, the reality that we aren’t at Southwick and the fact that he will still slam you in corner hard enough to make you question your manhood.  Had we been at Southwick the results would have no doubt been different, but the truth is we’re not. The people have spoken and overwhelming agree that Mike Brown will take down John Dowd this weekend.  

Who are you voting for?

And just for fun, we’ve listed a few key names and their personal votes just in case anyone tries to claim a false prediction.
Travis Baker – Brown
Jessy Nelson – Brown
Dustin Pipes – Brown
Ryne Swanberg – Dowd
Jacob Hayes – Brown
Greg Albertson – Brown (predicted 13th OA finish…stamp it!)
Jimmy Albertson – Brown
Danny Stuart – Dowd (Note: Danny is from the Northeast)
Steve Matthes – Brown
Tucker Saye – Dowd
Derek Anderson – Brown
Mike Anderson – Dowd
Jason Anderson – Brown
Hunter Hewitt – Brown
Brady Rodriguez – Dowd
Lowell Spangler – Brown
Troy Bendgen – Dowd
Chase Stallo - Brown

Brent Stallo