OCT. 11, 2014 - ERIC SHIRK

MTF to MX 207 - Stone Edler and Pete Davis


In my personal opinion, the concept behind the raddest media organization on planet earth (also known as vurbmoto) is incredibly simple — we want to stoke you out. That’s it. Well, let me take that back. I want to stoke you out… and in the process of doing so still make enough money to afford a well prepared turkey sandwich and a cold Bud Light. But hey, that’s because I’m all about the money — but back to the point. 

All jokes aside, we really are just out here to make any ripper’s day that we possibly can. I raced my whole life, and I can still remember checking website after website in the hopes that one of the photos included in the galleries would be of me. This concept is in fact the entire goal behind the Alias MX Vurb Classic events — to get kids pumped. However, out of all the people that have come to any one of our many races, I’d have to say that Stone Edler and Pete Davis just may be the most pumped on the Vurb Classic.

21 hours and 4 minutes. That’s the distance from Cairo, Georgia to Lyman, Maine — a.k.a. the home of MX 207. Did that stop these young shredders? Not hardly. After hearing about the MX 207 round of the Vurb Classic events, Pete Davis and Stone Edler left their home away from home at Millsaps Training Facility last week and made the trip all the way up to MX 207. Needless to say, our jaw dropped when we heard about these road warriors making this haul, so we hired Chase Dunivant to document it all on his handy dandy camera. 

In reflection, we’re astounded every time something like this goes on. When the Vurb Classic first started, I don’t think any of us could have possibly imagined that one day this event would mean enough to drive across the country for. This being said, thanks Stone, and thanks Pete. We’re super pumped to have you and your families out here with us this weekend at MX 207, and we’re glad that we could put on an event that you guys enjoy attending!

Keep an eye out for more NorthBound & Down episodes following the guys' journey.

Eric Shirk