Munn Racing: Las Vegas


Munn Racing KTM made the journey to America’s sin city in Las Vegas, Nevada for the final stop of the Monster Energy Supercross Series at Sam Boyd Stadium. Tim Slayton loaded up the rig and made the journey from Texas to Las Vegas. The team has been improving each and every round and this final round gave the team another opportunity to leave a lasting impression on an ever competitive industry.

On Friday, the team rolled into the pits right outside Sam Boyd and set up the rig for a huge weekend for Munn Racing. In Vegas, Munn Racing KTM’s sponsor AQUAhydrate wanted to go big and promote the brand on a huge stage. The team had an AQUAhydrate edition weekend and rocked white bikes with AQUAhydrate graphics. To complement the adventure Dainese made AQUAhydrate gear to match and provided the team with blue AGV helmets in order to keep the theme flowing. On Friday night, privateer Shawn Rhinehart helped the team transport Lance Vincent’s bike to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam for a photo shoot to promote the new look for the weekend. It was a very different setting and it provided a great backdrop for the bike to really shine.

On Saturday the team rolled in for the final race of the season. Lance Vincent, Ozzy Barbaree, and Travis Sewell would be competing under the Munn Racing KTM awning for their final Supercross race of the season. This weekend was different than any other weekend for the 250 class. In order to make it to the main event riders had to place in the top 20 of their qualifying sessions to move on. Ozzy Barbaree pushed hard throughout his qualifying sessions but came up a bit short by placing 22 nd. Despite not making it into the main the team is extremely proud of his efforts and attitude on and off of the track.

When the sun began to set on the beautiful stadium the 250 East Coast riders were ready to launch out of the gate to prove to everyone one last time that they were the best rider in the world. When the gate dropped Lance Vincent exploded off of the line and ran in second for much of the beginning of the race. Lance fought hard all moto long and finished in a solid 7th place in what was one of the greatest races of the year in the 250 East Coast class. Lance went on to the shootout and placed 13th against the combined stacked 250 class of the 2013 season.

As the races came to an end, the team dodged the flying confetti and headed back to the pits for the final tear down of the Supercross season. The semi was loaded up quickly with everyone’s help and then everyone went their separate ways. The team is now heading home for one weekend of relaxation then the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship will be starting up and the long motos will be coming ready to chew up and spit out any one that isn’t ready. You can bet when the gate drops at Hangtown that the small team from Elm Mott, Texas will show up guns blazing!

Chelsea Stratso