Perfectly Imperfect | The Incredibly Hectic War Machines World Premiere


As of recently, due to quite a few unexpected events, I’ve finally just came to terms that nothing in life will ever unfold as effortlessly as the plan we have envisioned. Human beings are imperfect. There’s just no way around it. No matter how hard we strive to be a perfect representation of our goals and dreams, the outcome will always be the same: imperfection. And last night was no different. 

As some of you may know, last night was the world premiere of the vurbmoto feature film FMF War Machines filmed by my moto-colleague, Wes Williams. After what had seemed like an endless amount of time filming, editing, working with sponsors, lining up premiere dates, planning a tour, and doing any other amount of movie-making activities that would lead any other person on a one way ticket to anxiety-land, War Machines was finally ready to be premiered. After filming and hosting events all day long, we rushed to set up the screen and make sure everything was working properly with the blu-ray player. Bada-bing, Bada-boom, and next thing you know we were ready to show the people what I think is the most badass motocross film I’ve ever seen. After Wes’ introduction speech, we cracked our beers, kicked back, and prepared for the show — but there seemed to be trouble in paradise: the remote. In case you were wondering, blu-ray players only play when they have a remote, which in turn with the rushing of loading up, we had forgotten.

Needless to say, this may have been the most stressed out I’d ever seen Wes Williams, and that’s saying a lot considering the amount of sticky situations himself, myself, and anyone else involved media outlets goes through on the daily. However, in the end, after a brief Walmart run / thirty-minute hiatus, we were back in action and ready to play this movie like no one’s ever played a movie before. And needless to say, the crowd absolutely loved it, and the rest of the night went just as planned.

So this got me thinking, why do we as human beings set goals of perfection, when we know damn well that it just isn’t possible. And if you think that’s just me being negative, you’re wrong. I strive for perfection everyday myself. However, through one way or the other it just doesn’t happen, but I’ve learned to become okay with that. And the reason for this is simple: I just don’t care anymore.

Yep, that’s right. I just don’t care. I don’t care about the bumps in the road, and I don’t care about the small mistakes that are inevitably going to happen whether I want them to or not. I’ve spent my entire life focusing on every little negative aspect, when in fact the positives outweighed the negatives ten-fold in almost every situation - but I was just too blind to see it. I was blinded by the imperfections, when in fact I was on the right road to success all along. 

It isn’t about the forks in the road or the barriers you face; the only thing that matters is that, in the end, you are working towards your goals and making a conscious effort to better yourself. Whether it’s an inch or a mile, a gain is a gain. So this being said, I hope all of you can take something back from this blog and make a conscious effort in the future to let go of your cons and focus on pros. Because no matter what happens, we will always be imperfect. And I think that’s just the way I like it.

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Eric Shirk