FEB. 22, 2008 - ANDREW CAMPO

Prodigy: Week 11




Blake Wharton
will be an interesting story this year. A new ride with Factory Connection Honda will guarantee him some of the best equipment on the track, and should kill any nerves he may have had about landing a factory ride...he's already got one. Blake dominated in the Supermini and Intermediate classes over the last few years. While the pro class may be a different breed all together, Blake should have a solid year at the front of the pack.


tyler wharton_0039.JPG


Tyler Wharton
is back for his final year as an amateur. Tyler actually turned pro last season when he raced the AMA Outdoor National in Freestone, Texas, but has decided another year in the grind it out world of amateur motocross might serve him well. Tyler is mentally and physically tough. He's won multiple championships in the past and he can do the same this year. If Tyler and Blake can pair up they should have no problem slicing their way to the front of the pack.




Tyler Sjoberg
is a toss of the coin. We've seen his speed and we know he can run the pace of the top five in the intermediate classes, but whether or not he can win championships remains to be determined. Top fives and top tens are nothing to hang your head over, but Sjoberg wants to win championships. Pitting under the Monster Energy Xtreme Kawasaki tent will help in his quest for B class dominance. Texas will be big for Sjoberg's confidence and could propel him into a breakthrough year.









Ian Trettel
has come a long way since his knee injury a few years back. His confidence is back up to par and his speed can be matched with anyone in the intermediate class. Trettel has been doing battle with Justin Barcia all winter and he's been pushing himself throughout the off-season. This will help. Trettel won his first championship on big bike on the outdoor track at Mini O's and he'll be looking to duplicate that success in a few weeks in Texas.






Corey Dry
is due for a good year. He's had some tough luck over the past few seasons, but he will be one of the veteran riders in the intermediate class this year. He has taken his skills off road to the WORCS series lately and is rumored to be stronger and faster than ever. Look for Dry to turn some heads early on this season. 





Darian Robinson
scored an impressive 4th and 9th in 85cc 7-11 Stock and Mod at Loretta's last year, respectively. Robinson is one of the top 85cc riders in the country right now. We didn't see him in Florida, but expect him to be right back in the mix of things in the 12-13 class in Texas.

Andrew Campo