Race Rundown: Thursday at Millcreek

The second motos just about wrapped up on Thursday, leaving only a few for Friday morning before the final motos begin. The real battle for first place has only just begun for some riders, as their performances in the second moto set the stage for a perfect battle for the top finish.

Battles to watch for


In Tuesday's 250 A moto, Anthony Rodriguez held onto first place for each lap of the race, while Matt Bisceglia was a close second. In Thursday's moto, Matt took first place, while Anthony battled Jace Owen for second place. With each rider holding a first place win, you can expect these two to battle it out for the championship in the third moto.


Enzo Lopes had a slow start in the first moto of the Jr. Mini, but he eventually went from sixth to second place, right behind Jalek Swoll. But in the second moto, Enzo didn't waste any time taking the lead and had the fastest laptime in the moto. There's no doubt that these kids are fast, and the championship may come down to their starts in the third moto.


Aaron Plessinger and Jarek Balkovic took first and second in the second Schoolboy 2 moto, after placing third and fourth in the first moto. In Thursday's moto, Aaron's fastest laptime was a mere .002 seconds ahead of Jarek's fastest lap. The rest of their laps were pretty similar in time, so a battle in the third moto is highly possible.


Hannah Hodges is dominating the Girls 2 class, going undefeated in both motos. But if you didn't catch the second moto, you missed out. Gracie Van Horn and Kaitlyn Morrow had a major battle for second place, and Gracie finished just ahead of Kaitlyn. These two proved that their third moto will be well worth watching.

Thursday was also a big day for Vurb, as we were joined by the Axom cable cam to get some sick footage of the final motos. Wes and Bryan handled the heavy machinery, and by the end of the day, the set up was finally in place.

Danny and I ended up editing in the dark in the boxvan while Bryan and Wes made some final changes to the cable cam set up. I can't complain about the late nights though, check out how cool the track looks when the sun goes down in this pano Wes snapped. It's hard to believe that racing is almost finished here!

Quite possibly even bigger news from us...we didn't go to Zaxby's at all yesterday.
"You know you're living it up when dinner at Cracker Barrel is a high class meal." - Danny Stuart
Honestly, the thought of eating more chicken at this point is kind of disturbing, and I was craving fried steak since we moved out to California. It doesn't seem to be a popular dish there, but it's a delicacy where I come from. So instead of our $8 usual at Zaxby's, we classed it up with $8.50 dishes at Cracker Barrel. The place was packed with people in town for the race and I bet the locals can't wait to get rid of us. I wonder who will eat all of the chicken when we're gone?

Chelsea Stratso