Racer X / Lake Elsinore Pro Ride Day

It’s hard to believe that an outdoor national is coming back to Lake Elsinore. The track has existed just southeast of the lake since 1999, but found itself in hock back in 2010 with a potential housing project looming in the near future. With real estate in the tank and the vision of new ownership, Lake Elsinore Motocross Park was resurrected once again. Walking the infield at Elsinore gives a Disneyland kind of feel that’s hard to describe.  Perhaps it’s the miles of white fencing or the fresh stamped concrete, but I have a feeling that by the time the national comes around, this facility will be worthy of hosting the final round of the 2012 outdoors. Who knows, maybe the infamous Mud Dolphin will even be cruising the pits for chicks and a cold brew.

The folks at Racer X teamed up with Lake Elsinore MX to offer a pro ride day for card-carrying riders only.  The event was also used to raise awareness for the McGrath Family's bone marrow registration drive. Throughout the industry, friends turned out in full force to support the cause and give back to a family that's done so much for the sport. Public spectators and riders were welcomed and the Vet and PeeWee tracks remained open to the public, so riders had a chance to share the pits with the likes of Davi Millsaps, Blake Baggett, Justin Barcia, Justin Bogle, Martin Davalos and way, way more. The pros rode the national track, which was significantly improved and still smelled of fresh loads of sawdust. Jumps were relipped, rhythm sections improved, and straights tilled deeper than normal. It was still Elsinore, but she cleaned up pretty nicely.
We had a chance to catch up with some of the guys to chat about the upcoming Hangtown national. The consensus from the survivors of a particularly brutal supercross season is that the outdoors is a welcome change. Factory riders and privateers alike were out testing in full force and getting their suspension settings established to avoid coming into the national weekend blind. 

In addition to the pros, a few A class amateurs were spotted on the track as well.  Among them were Zach Bell and Tyler Bereman who were having no problem staying on pace. Bereman was throwing some of the dirtiest whips of the day and was definitely turning heads with his flow-orange KTM frames. Bell was also turning some solid lap times and looks comfortable sharing track time with the pros. Hangtown takes off this weekend, so keep vurb on the bookmark bar all weekend long for photos, video, blogs, and more. 


Aran Eversman