Will Reed and Stewart Unite?


I’ll start this blog with this; rumors are just that, rumors. While sometimes they may host some inkling of validity, more often than not they fade away with the passing of time. Never coming to fruition. However, it is our job to track rumors and recently one of the most intriguing rumors of 2012, err, the last decade, has come across our computer screen. I’ll start with the facts. Davey Coombs is without doubt one of the most plugged in people in our sport, if not the most. Recently, in Racerhead #9, he hinted at the possibility of Chad Reed and James Stewart joining forces. Read excerpt below:
“The strangest rumor I have heard in some time was Stewart possibly moving over to Reed's team—not during the current Monster Energy AMA Supercross tour, but rather for the upcoming outdoor series. Obviously, there's not a lot of love between Chad and James, but there is respect for each other between them, as well as a will to win. It's not happening enough for James right now, and it's not going to happen at all for Chad for some time to come.”

“Again, it's just a rumor, and I really don't think it will happen—the determined JGR folks are working hard to find the right setup for Stewart's style, and there's frankly not a lot of people out there that have the same setup or style, which makes it even harder—but if it did, we're going to need a new internet, because this one will explode.”

                                       (Imagine if they were on the same team!)

Much like DC we didn’t pay much attention at first. Then we saw some tweets pop up between Reed and Stewart following the St. Louis Supercross. Read below:
CR: “So did stew throw in the towel? Or he can't last 20...#my2cents

JS: “It's official we have a new couch potato calling races. Not gna say anymore until I put you back on the couch again. Then I'll remind you bad start & fell the 1st lap. Was on it then caught Davi who was riding good & somehow fell in his pace. Made my move to late & finish 5th

CR: “@js7 my question was serious you were hauling ass best iv seen from u this yr. stuck in Davi's pace was your answer thanks #couchpotato

JS: “Amazing that when I sent that tweet out that it was going to be a huge deal & ppl wouldn't even understand who or what I was even pointing..It's all good this bc after I sent it, it worked out perfect bc I'm not gna let someone talkabt me, my team/bike without saying a word..”
While none of the tweet convo between Reed and Stewart lend us any reason to speculate a possible joining of forces, it does confirm that the two are communicating.

Let's play the what if game. What if they do find a way to join forces in 2013? Would it be the most powerful team in the history of the sport? Is it even possible to imagine?


Brent Stallo