Roundtable: Herlings, Bulmer and Hansen


Vurb Moto’s senior writers (and fans) analyze the latest news and address hot topics from around the industry each week  in a new feature we like to call, Roundtable.

Jeff Herlings recently took round two of the World Championships at Valkenswaard, one of the gnarliest sand tracks in the land. This happened only after Ken Roczen took the first round in Bulgaria with little difficulty.

The question is, can and will these two be the next outdoor stars in America?

Brent Stallo (Editor) – Can they? I think that’s a fairly easy question to answer. Absolutly they can. The days of wondering if the GP boys can hang in America are over. There is not question that both Herlings and Roczen could perform very well here outdoors. Would they win titles? Who knows, but they would most certainly jockey for race wins.

The second part of the question is, will they? That is a little more difficult to answer. The boys at Youthstream are serious about keeping whatever talent they can at home. While the U.S. is still considered the place riders come to prove themselves, there is a lot of effort in Europe to change that mentality. However, I think it will ultimately come down to the OEM, in this case KTM, on whether or not these two will one-day race outdoors in the states. Seeing as U.S. has a bigger market and bigger budget to offer riders at the moment, I see the likelihood of both Herlings and Roczen racing the outdoor nationals in the future as very good.

Wes Williams (Film Director) - The next outdoor stars?  I think that might be pushing it, but can they be stars?  Absolutely.  The competition here have had plenty of experience on every track, and for someone to come over here and just be the “next” star might be much tougher than some might anticipate.  Roczen and Herlings will undoubtedly win some World Championships and bring their confidence here to the states, and most likely win races and eventually some championships, but there are definitely a few coming out of the amateur ranks that might qualify to be more in the “next star” category.

David Bulmer (Euro Editor) flies into the U.S. today. Is there a chance he will get yet another ticket for urinating in public and be banned from the U.S forever?

Brent Stallo (Editor) – Bulmer has shown little regard for United States authority in the past and I don’t see why he would start now. While he’s been back on numerous occasions since his 2007 public urination citation without causing a stir, I imagine that will wear off soon and he will be back to his old ways. Don’t think for a moment just because he hasn’t been caught breaking anymore laws that he hasn’t done so. He’ll get his hand caught in the cookie jar again soon enough, and I for one will LOL when that day comes.

Wes Williams (Film Director) - You never know what you’re going to get with Bulmer.  He penny pinches (errr, 1p pinches) all year long so when he comes he has $148.56 to spend on cider and, well, more cider.  Then you put him in a public atmosphere, where his social skills can either improve or take a turn for the worse; typically after a night of cider drinking we can see flashes of both.  Will he pee in public again?  I’d put a few ciders on it.  Will he get caught?  After the one black mark on his passport and his love for coming to America, I can likely see him splashing himself wildly over the outside of his pants as he darts into the bushes of the nearest lawn, furthermore escaping danger and arrest.

Broc Tickle grabbed the point lead from Josh Hansen in Seattle and now enjoys a two-point cushion. Tomac, meanwhile, is only five points back from Hansen.

The question is, will Hansen reclaim his lead by Vegas or will he find a way to plummet to third?

Scott Stone (Vurb FB Fan) - Hanny was strong all season long, with only a couple bad rounds, but after the break he came back and did not look like himself. He was not as aggressive as he needs to be, like he was when he pushed Jake Canada off the track and when he would refuse to be passed, nor did he look to have the speed that he needs. Tickle and Tomac look to be on a whole different level than Hansen. If Hanny wants to win he will have to change something for the last 2 rounds. Personally I think tickle will hold on for the title, barely edging out Tomac.

Ryan Vaillancourt (Vurb FB Fan) - Hansen is gunna choke like he did at x games sx this past year going for the 3 peat... too much pressure on him trying to be the first father son champions

Jordan Best (Vurb FB  Fan) -  I really hope he can. No offence to Tickle, but Hanny really deserves and needs this. I know how hard it is to ride when you have two fingers to hold on with, (as I myself have a damaged tendon, meaning I have to hold on with pretty much two fingers) then you get arm pump killer bad. Good luck, Hanny, hope you can do this!

Brent Stallo