OCT. 7, 2014 - ERIC SHIRK

Sunstar Seven Award: Hayden Airheart Makes Moves

As many of you may know, the awards at any Vurb Classic event are quite a bit different than the awards available at the majority of other large caliber amateur races held throughout the world. Aside from the King of the Classic, the awards that we’ve carefully concocted inside the vurbmoto laboratories showcase riders that we feel have shown incredible feats of effort throughout the weekend and/or are on the cusp of success in their amateur motocross career. With the help of Sunstar, we’ve been able to add yet another amazing award to this list for 2014 with the Sunstar Seven award. Following suit, the Sunstar Seven award hones in on one particular rider that may not have put it on the podium after every moto, but nonetheless has put in a solid effort to break into the top ten.

Our goal for this award is to recognize the progression of a rider that we feel is on the “come up” inside the amateur ranks, and hopefully give this particular rider the extra boost of confidence that they’ve been needing to propel them into the spotlight that they’ve always yearned for. Luckily for us, our most recent recipient of the Sunstar Seven award; Hayden Airheart, has done exactly that.

After receiving this award at the second round of the Vurb Classic this year at Silver Dollar Raceway, Hayden has most definitely kicked it up a notch. With no time wasted, Hayden headed to South of the Border the following weekend to show each and every person in attendance exactly why he was chosen for this award. Being that I was personally there at SOB to witness his incredible weekend, I can honestly say that it’s been a while since I was that impressed. As the gate dropped on the young ripper’s first moto that Sunday morning, it was quite obvious that Hayden Airheart had arrived to South of the Border with a seriously elevated level of confidence. In one week, Hayden went from a consistent top ten rider, to a top three contender in every class that he lined up the number 999 Kawasaki in. 

The progression didn’t end there though. The following weekend at Crow Hill Raceway, Hayden decided to line it up in the 12th Round of the JDay Offroad series, despite the fact that he had never raced this type of event in his life. I was unsure of how the young ripper would fair out at this type of event. However, to everyone's surprise, his lack of experience was completely unnoticeable to say the least. Hayden went on to win one of the most stacked mini classes at any JDay Event — the Big Wheel class. Actually, winning is an understatement. In complete and utter domination, he went on to win his class by over two minutes, proving to everyone in question that the name Hayden Airheart is here to stay.

Overall, I’m extremely pumped for this kid, as well as his entire family. It’s an amazing feeling to see any racer progress throughout our sport, but it’s even more special when the family is made up of some of the most appreciative people I’ve ever met. Hayden and his family have been incredibly hospitable to the entire vurbmoto crew throughout each event that we’ve crossed paths at, lending a hand in any and every way imaginable. We couldn’t thank you enough, Hayden, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings throughout your career in the great sport of motocross. Also, thanks for putting the entire concept of the Sunstar Seven award to good use, and allow me to leave you with this: Keep up the progression, never quit dreaming, and most of all — congratulations. You deserve it kid.

Eric Shirk