Supercross Stats, Random Facts


This isn’t the first edition of Supercross Stats, Random Facts that we’ve done on Vurb. I’m into sports statistics, maybe not as much as our European Editor, David Bulmer, but nonetheless I pay close attention to stats week in and week out, as I feel they are a great benchmark to judge a riders performance. Sometimes a rider can’t be judged on finish alone and that’s when I take it to the stat sheets . While I won’t get into specific races stats in this particular feature, I have gone through and noted some very interesting facts from the season as a whole.  Just some random facts that jumped off the page on my last trip through the box scores. Enjoy.

- Ryan Villopoto has the best average finish (2.8) but the fourth best start average.
- James Stewart, at 118 laps led has led 38 more laps than Ryan Villopoto, who sits second with 80 laps led.
- Ivan Tedesco has an avg. finish of 12.1 and sits 14th in points. Nick Wey has an avg. finish of 12.3 and sits 13th in points.
- Only three of the top six rider have pulled a holeshot this season (RV – 1 , CR – 2, JS – 5).
- Trey Canard and Ryan Dungey have not pulled a holeshot in 2011.
- Ivan Tedesco the third most holeshots at three, but has and average start of 10.5.
- Mile Alessi is one of only eight riders to pull a holeshot but one of only four to pull more than one.
- Only seven rider inside the top 20 have better average finishes than average starts, meaning as a whole, there are more anchors than chargers.
- Trey Canard has the best start to finish ratio with an avg. start at 8.4 and an avg. finish at 4.4.

West Lites
- Josh Hansen leads laps led at 34, a mere one lap ahead of Eli Tomac at 33 and four in front of Cole Seely at 30.
- Out of the top four series leader, Broc Tickle has the least amount of laps lead.
- The top five have led every lap but one, that lap belongs to, Ken Roczen.
- Ryan Morais has a better average finish than Cole Seely (6.0 to 6.3) and trails him by seven points heading into Vegas.
- The top four in points are the only rider to pull a holeshot in 2011.
- Casey Hinson shares both the worst average start and average finish at 16.7, yet sits 20th in points.
- Jimmy Decotis has the eighth best average finish at 7.6 and sits 11th in points.
- Pro Circuit bikes have pulled three of the seven possible holeshots thus far.
- Broc Tickle is the only rider to have an average finish below 3.0, averaging at 2.8.
- Ben Evans has an average finish of 11.3 and sits in 10th, seven points ahead of Travis Baker with an average finish of 10.8.

East Lites
- At 60 laps led, Justin Barcia leads his closest competitor, Dean Wilson by 45 laps.
- Barcia also scores a 1.6 for both his average start and average finish.
- Dean Wilson nor Ryan Sipes have yet to pull a holeshot in 2011.
- Malcom Stewart is the only Suzuki rider to pull a holeshot in 2011.
- Les Smith and teammate, Taylor Futrell are tied at 57, with Les averaging 9.6 finish compared to Futrell’s 12.9.
- Jason Anderson is the lowest finishing rookie at 15th overall.
- Two rookies currently occupy positions in side the top 10. Malcom Stewart (8th) and Lance Vincent (9th). 

Brent Stallo