The Catalyst: Taylor Robert


In our first edition of Catalyst, (a "get-to-know" questionaire about topics that fuel a rider and their personality) we learn that Taylor Robert, who is now a 2-year Monster Energy Kawasaki veteran, likes some good ol' Metallica and believes, "Practicing doesn't suck, sucking at something sucks."

The Fuel
My favorite meal is breakfast and I usually have eggs, egg whites, red potatoes, and spinach with coconut juice.

The Tube
My favorite all time movie is Boondock Saints. As far as TV goes I basically watch Supercross and then anything that my girlfriend Tivos. Which usually consists of Tosh.O, Two and A Half Men, and Dumbest Stuff on Wheels.

The Text
I just read a really funny book called Sh*t My Dad Says. My whole family is into cars so I am always looking at Car and Driver and Road and Track, but that is just so I can keep up with my brother and dad. 

The Sound
Anyone that has ever been around the Kawi semi right before I go line up knows that Chappy (the truck driver) always plays some heavy metal to get up pumped up before the race. Most of the time it is some good ol' Metallica. When I'm not listening to rock I like to listen to chill music like Sublime and Dirty Heads.

The World Wide Web
I would say my top three websites are Craigslist, MLS (which is real estate) and any moto website Vurb Offroad, Vurb Moto, Racer X, etc.

The Motivation
I have been very lucky to surround myself with very influential people. My dad, Steve Hatch, and Destry Abbott are all people I have been able to look up to and hang out with. Ricky Carmichael is also some one who really motivates me because of what he has done in the sport. My favorite quote is out of the book I just read and it goes like this, "Practicing doesn't suck, sucking at something sucks."

The Down Time
I just like to relax and hang out with friends. Anyone that races motorcycles for a living knows how taxing on the body it is, so it is nice to just kick back and enjoy the down time. 


Megan Blackburn