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The anticipation.  The feeling of not knowing how everyone is going to react.  The emotional swings from complete confidence to nail-biting nervousness.  I think these are traits every single filmmaker goes through, and quite frankly, loves.  Although most kids won’t understand the metaphor here, it’s more or less the same anxiety-riddled excitement as putting every single chip you have on Red 32, watching the croupier spin the wheel, followed by crossing your fingers that the tiny little ball, aptly named Fate, is going to land where you hope.  That anticipation I mentioned… yea, it’s driving me insane!

In the Ranks, released March 2004

11 years ago, just around this same time before I loaded up to hit Lake Whitney, I had literally just finished my first ever DVD, In the Ranks.  And by literally finished, I mean it.  With about 48 hours to spare before heading west, I hit the render button on the movie and that entire time was spent burning dvds, printing labels, and packaging every single DVD by hand.  Yes, my mom and I did it all ourselves, although I NEVER would have admitted that back then.  Who knows how many DVDs we were able to make, but I loaded them in the truck with my partners-in-crime, the Crosby Family, and we went to Texas to launch our first ever full-length creation. 

In the Ranks II, released November 2004.

I was a 17-year-old kid with a dream, and just enough ambition fueled by craziness to think it would work.  And it did.  The amateur crowd at Lake Whitney and Mosier Valley were incredibly receptive, and long story short, now here I am running vurbmoto with my best friends.  On the brink of my fifth-ever DVD release, I like to think I’m that same kid.  The world of motocross has changed, and undoubtedly so have I, but the thing that hasn’t is that passion and yearning to continue making cool ass dirtbike content.  It’s what I live for every single day of my life, and ultimately why I took on a damn near impossible passion project last year to create FMF War Machines.

Probably my favorite movie, The Prospects, released March 2006.

I have not produced a feature film since our 2009 release, EPIC.  It was time.  My bones ached for it.  My brain craved the idea.  My heart drove it with passion.  And with the same ambition and craziness of 17-year-old Wes, I set out across the world to film this bad boy in every spare moment I could find in, what I consider, a pretty hectic lifestyle.  That said, I’ve watched it this week for the 10,000th time, and I’m so damn proud of it. 

By the time this blog comes out, we’ll be a few hours into the launch of the DVD news.  As my nails dig into my thighs and clinch my teeth with the equivalent of Broadway stage fright, I sincerely hope you all enjoy what we’re about to bestow on the world.  If nothing else, I can’t thank you all enough for your unwavering support of vurbmoto, and making our little kid dreams come true. 

To support my newest venture, head over to the vurbshop and take advantage of our Pre-Order sale and get yourself either the DVD or Blu-Ray.

Wes Williams