DEC. 29, 2011 - DAVID BULMER

Top Spot - The Decision


As you know, for the month of December we've been running the Top 10 Vurb videos of 2011. It's just a fun way of looking back on the year and recapping all the best videos - we don't claim it to be original content, but we're gonna stick our necks out and say that it's probably the best video countdown you'll see...

Anyway, this year, as a lot of you had guessed, its come down to two videos - Vurb Platinum ft Justin Barcia and the Vurb Original: Dean Wilson

Now, the way we decide this is quite simple - we take a look at how many people have viewed those specific video pages on We don't use any fancy math, or take into account total Youtube views, or even have any personal opinion on the matter at all. It's simply a case of which number is higher.

With all that said, this battle was close, like very close. Since I last checked today, it has just gone under 1,000 views difference between the two videos, which on a website which gets as many views as vurbmoto does, isn't a very big number at all. And then when we gave our Facebook viewers a chance to put their vote in, I think there was only a 5 'like' difference (it had no bearing, but it was interesting nevertheless) - there really is no splitting them.

So yeah, these two videos are about as evenly matched on our site as they are on the racetrack and very shortly you'll know exactly who came out on top. We just hope you'll give them both another watch in order to round out what has been a fantastic year for vurbmoto's video department...

David Bulmer