Tristan Titus: All For Austin Mincey

While at Daniel Boone MX in Kentucky for the Austin Mincey Memorial Ride Day we were approached by Tim, Austin's father.  What came next nearly put me in tears.  Tristan Titus, one of Austin's best friends, would be attempting to put Austin's bike in the show at the Muddy Creek Tennessee National.

You may or may not have heard of Tristan Titus, but that doesn't matter.  The goal isn't to gain exposure or receive publicity, but to simply do a favor for a lost friend. With the support of the Mincey family along with the help of Russ Hanson and Daniel Nelson [mechanic/suspension techs] Tristan will line up on the gate with the best in the world on the number 173 Honda.  

"Austin just had that race bike built for him.  He'll never get the chance to put it in a pro national, but with Tristan's help, he will," said Tim Mincey. "To see his bike out there on the line with all those professional racers would mean the world to me... I think it will give us some closure."

"I grew up with Austin, even lived with him for a while. He was my best friend, and this is my last gift to him," Tristan commented. "He will be on the track with me every step of the way, making sure I hold it wide."

Tristan earned his pro license at the early age of 16 and this will be his first attempt at making a national.  His race number is usually 777, but it looks like the AMA has agreed to let him race with the number 173 in memory of Austin.

Keep an eye out for Tristan Titus today as he will be doing his best to give one last gift to his best friend. 

Jason Crane