Coming to America: Valentin Teillet's SX Journey


If you aren't yet familiar with the name Valentin Teillet, now is the time to take notice. The 23-year-old from France has shown a lot of improvement since A1, and he's hoping to get a top 10 finish before it's all said and done. We chatted with the foreigner and he told us about his journey so far, including the biggest differences between racing in France and the USA. Check out what the 737 had to say.

What brought you to America?
To be in America for the AMA Supercross was a dream for me. Last year I got a bad injury on my shoulder, and couldn't do my GP season like I wanted. The 250 limit age in GP is 23 years old and I turned 23 in last August of 2013. So, My team wanted to give me a chance to ride the supercross in US and stay on lites class.

What were your initial impressions?
I was impressed by the level right here, in Europe I won every supercross I did last year in 250 class. Here there are so many guy riding the same level as me. The track impressed me too, I mean they are so big here and very technical. And here, supercross is very famous. This is important for our sport.

At A1 it seemed like you had a little learning to do and now that we're a few rounds in it looks like you've really grasped supercross. Tell us how the adventure has been.
When I did the track walk with my trainer and saw the whoops, I asked him how I'm gonna ride on this difficult track, but now I learned a lot. Whoops are still my problem, but I progress a lot when I compare A1 and now. I'm feeling better every week. I rode supercross for the first time one and half year ago, this discipline is new for me. I love supercross, but still have so much to learn on these tracks.

Being a foreigner, what's a realistic expectation to be able to come over and achieve your first year? Are you reaching those goals?
Honestly, I didn't know what could be my place in lites class. I didn't have any expectation for me and my team, just wanted to have fun and progress every week. This is what I'm doing and top 10 could be possible soon I think.

Are you having fun??
I'm having so much fun and I'm living a dream every weekend here in USA. 

What are some of the differences between racing in France and in the USA?
There are so many differences. First are the tracks, France has smaller whoops, jumps are not so technical. And riders not so aggressive on the track. I was lost the first laps in Anaheim 1 when I saw how agrressive the riders ride here.

How do you think this will help your mx career?
I'm sure this experience will help me for the future, I am 23 years old but still feeling young and so many things to improve in that sport, motocross is all my life and if I could find a team here and progress That would be awesome for me.

You had your best finish this weekend, how was the race?
I was really happy about my race, I was 12th until 3 laps before the finish lane, and finished 14th, but my riding was better than it used to be. 

Would you recommend this to other GP riders?
Of course! But I think there are many riders scared to try the supercross here.

What's your plan after supercross? Will you stay here for outdoors?
My team is French so I have to come back in France after San Diego for start the of French Motocross Championship. I will come for the last 2 AMA rounds. We plan to do one or two outdoors, I would love it because motocross is actually the discipline where I am feeling stronger. I didn't receive any offers yet here in America, hopefully my results will be better soon and will interest some teams.

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