DEC. 27, 2010 - BRENT STALLO

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MSR has partnered up with DVS to bring you an exclusive K-dub Collection only available through Tucker Rocky.  This will consist of 2 shoes and various lifestyle apparel pieces. MSR will be debuting the entire line at the upcoming Indy Trade Show in February. All products will be available March 1st 2011. Stay tuned for more information.


Sure, the news of Larsen finally receiving the 2010 SuperX title is a bit of yesterdays news, however, we figured it was still relevant given the holiday craziness that’s been going one over the last few weeks.

Motorcycling Australia (MA) can confirm that following further investigation from Race Officials, PJ Larsen has been officially declared as the Pro Lites 2010 Australian Supercross Champion.
A mistake was made in the compilation of results at the final round whereby Matt Moss was awarded points despite completing less than 75 per cent of one of the races - as per GCR 12.11.2.
This was rectified by the Steward of the meeting, Paul Foster, and the final results for the Pro Lites Championship are as follows:
1: PJ Larsen 310 points
2: Matt Moss 306 points
3: Ryan Marmont 244 points
MA, on behalf of Race Officials, would like to apologies to the riders and their teams who through no fault of their own were put through this uncertainty.


Last April, Travis Rice, Scotty Lago and Mark Landvik drove a four-vehicle, two-trailer convoy from Jackson, Wyo., to Valdez, Alaska, to explore the Chugach range via snowmobile for the next Brain Farm movie, "The Art of Flight." Travis Rice is halfway through his next two-year project, and judging by the image above we found on, from their Alaska trip last spring, it's going to be sort of awesome.


We also tracked down this very cool interview with Scott Serfas about the upcoming movie. Brain Farm’s last release, “That’s It, That’s All” changed the snow industry forever, and we have a feeling they’re gearing up to do the same with “The Art of Flight.”



We found this post from Alex Hodgkinson via

There was astonishment when the 2011 MX1/MX2 GP calendar was released at the FIM Congress in Macau as the penultimate GP on the first weekend of September was "to be announced", not at Lierop as expected.

Indeed at this year's race a GP at Lierop was confirmed by all sides even though there had been a difference of opinion between the MAC Lierop and Youthstream two days earlier.

It was not the first time that MAC Lierop and Youthstream have been in conflict; the 2010 GP was also only confirmed at the last minute after the local club had declined amendments to the contract compared with previous years. MAC chairman Pieter Paul Vermeulen: "30 minutes before the 2010 calendar was announced, we were not on it !"

The MAC Lierop have now issued the following statement:

MAC Lierop will not organize a Grand Prix for the world championship motocross in 2011. In an e-mail to chairman Dr. Pieter Paul Vermeulen, series promotor Youthstream states that it no longer wants to collaborate with the Lierop motocross association. The reason for this is unknown to MAC Lierop. Vermeulen is stunned: "After the Grand Prix of 5 September 2010 our five-year contract with Youthstream ended. The same day Youthstream-president Giuseppe Luongo said he intended to continue working with MAC Lierop. Therefore it is odd having to conclude that he now violates this promise. All the more since we have always neatly fulfilled our obligations. We regret the decision of Mister Luongo but we can only respect his views. After all, he is the one who establishes the Grand Prix calendar."

MAC Lierop is a flexible club which is already considering alternatives for 2011. However, the wish to organize a Grand Prix remains. Vermeulen: "As far as MAC Lierop is concerned, we will again organize a Grand Prix in 2012. In the past we have repeatedly proven that we are capable of organizing big events." MAC Lierop won the prize for best organizer in the world championship motocross in 2004 and 2008. In 2009 MAC Lierop won the prize for best infrastructure on a Grand Prix circuit.

Levi LaVallee, seven-time Winter X Games medalist in snowmobiling, has been released from a Southern California hospital and is headed home to Minnesota after sustaining injuries in a practice jump on Dec. 14 in preparation for Red Bull's annual "New Year. No Limits." show.

LaVallee was practicing for a world record distance jump attempt on a snowmobile, which was set to be telecast on ESPN on Dec. 31, live from San Diego, Calif. LaVallee, 28, from Longville, Minn., worked with athlete performance and aerodynamics analysts and engineers leading up to the event. During testing, he jumped 361 feet, eclipsing the existing record of 301½ feet set by Paul Thacker in March 2009. The jump will be submitted for world record certification.

In a statement Thursday, LaVallee confirmed, "I am out of the hospital and on my way home to Minnesota. When I jumped 361 feet during testing, I was pumped and felt I could fly even further at Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way and I will be ringing in the new year a little differently than originally planned. I'm disappointed, but the most important thing is that I'm recovering and hope to get back on my sled soon. Thanks to everyone who has wished me well. The amazing amount of support really means a lot. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

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