JAN. 27, 2012 - DAVID BULMER

Vurb Lottery: Oakland 2012 250s


Nearly 1,000 entries worth of guesses 4 rounds into the 2012 season and still no winner.  This year's Vurb Lottery is shaping up to be just as good as that of 2011, and with the current state of the 250 class we wouldn't doubt that it goes even bigger.  Can you guess the top 5 correctly?  If so, you'll find yourself in quite the winner's circle worth of goodies.

Added to the list of prizes this week are the Fuel v.2 Sweat X goggles from our friends at Smith Optics.

250 Lottery

The Prize(s): 1) A set of Smith Optics Fuel v.2 Sweat X goggles 2) Young and Reckless Swag Pack // 3) Full Kit Graphic set from Black Diamond // 4) Full set of Scott 250 gear, including a 250 Implode Jersey, 250 Implode Pants and, you guessed it, a set of 250 Implode Gloves.

The Rules: So here's how it works. Correctly guess the top 5 250 riders in order from Oakland, and take home the prize.  In the event that no one correctly guesses, we'll add more and more prizes when we see fit until someone does.  The first person with the correct answer wins the prize.

Please become a fan and submit your answer right here or on our facebook fan page. Facebook is the preferred method of entry so that we can better track winners. If you’re not a fan, become one and get in on the Vurb Lottery.  If you are NOT a fan, or don't have a registered account on vurbmoto, your entry will be invalid.

Only one entry per contestant.  If more than one entry is submitted, the latter of the entries will be the one counted.

Entries past 7pm PST on January 28, 2012 will be invalid.

David Bulmer