Vurb Weekly //// JS7, Tricky Ricky, and #1000


Can you believe James Stewart and Tricky Ricky Stern didn’t show up to race at Seattle on the Motoconcepts Team this past weekend?  After all the crisis and chaos the motocross world went through for those crazy 24 hours, and neither of them had the decency to show up and put down laps on the nicest Seattle track we’ve seen on this side of the millennium.  I’d be lying if I said I believed it for a single second myself, but I at least took a few minutes of my Friday afternoon to write a rather deceiving blog that took over the #1 blog of 2012 here on Vurbmoto

While I didn’t believe it, I definitely wanted to.  Can you imagine the frenzy that would’ve ensued?!  The media, the fans, the racing… it would’ve been bigger news than the Boston Tea Party.  But it didn’t happen and everyone is still in the dark as to what is exactly going on with the man of mystery, James Stewart.  If you’ve got a spare moment and happen to have missed this, check out Jason Weigandt’s article on JS7 he wrote a few weeks ago.  It's quite a good read.

In other news, how flipping cool is Instagram now?  It’s overtaken my social media world and has given me an ever-lasting reason to stare at my phone all day.  Facebook, what?  Twitter, huh?  To be a fan sitting at home, Instagram is one of the coolest portals to get a behind the scenes look at what’s going on at the race while you’re not there.  Not to mention, the vurbmoto Instagram has updates from all over the world, all at the same time.  This past weekend, we had simultaneous coverage of the Bulgarian World Championship, Seattle Supercross, and Honey Lake Loretta Lynn Qualifier – not to gloat, but I’d say that’s rather impressive.  If you don’t follow us on the now billion-dollar platform, look us up and click that little green button; you won’t be disappointed. 

Have you been keeping up with our 1,000 videos of vurbmoto blogs?  I surely hope so, because if you haven’t we’ve noted your IP address and will not allow you access to numero 1000 when it drops later this week (Editor's note: whenever we hit 1000).  We’ve dug through hundreds of hours of footage to find the moments that mattered; the controversies, the epic shots, the videos that put Vurb on the map.  Nearly 5 years edited down into a small piece that’ll bring back a plethora of memories and feelings - Numero 1000 is truly a special achievement for all of us here at vurbmoto.

(A few of our harddrives we've used since 2007)

Update// Season 2 of Road to Loretta’s was delayed nearly a month by the powers that be.  Rest assured it’s going to be worth the wait, and come May 31 you’ll be able to watch the first ten minute installment of your favorite amateur motocross program exclusively on youtube.com/RedBull.

With the kickoff of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships right around the corner, most of the vurbmoto crew is quietly sitting behind their desks editing away in anticipation for what should be a pretty busy summer for us.  We’ve got some big plans in the works….  Bring on outdoors!!  Actually, first, bring on Vegas!

Shout-out to the Dream Team.  Stay Classy, World Wide Web.

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Be sure to pick up a copy of Racer X Illustrated next month for my first magazine feature "The Grand Slam of Amateur MX"

Wes Williams