FEB. 22, 2012 - BRENT STALLO



Make no bones about it; I’m a motocross racer/enthusiast at heart. There was a point in time when I thought offroad racing was for old men and dudes that were too scared to hit a triple fourth gear tapped. That was before I “raced” my first offroad event.

My respect for what I used to refer to as “the other” two wheel sport began in 2007. I was living in New Mexico working on a little start up company called Vurbmoto when my partner, Andrew Campo, challenged me to a local offroad race on Angel Fire Mountain. “Sure,” I said. “How hard could it be?” And despite the fact that I was able to best Campo by 15 minutes, I later ate those words. 

And so began my love for offroad riding.

Since then I’ve grown scared to hit a triple fourth gear tapped. I’m now associated with what I consider the more intelligent group of riders who “have to go to work on Monday morning.” And honestly, I’m okay with that. My love and appreciation of all two-wheel sports has also grown. I’m a huge fan of the World Championships, Super X (or what's left of it), GNCC, WORCS, National Hare and Hound, and just about any other form of offroad racing.

The majority of my time as Editor-In-Chief at Vurb is spent covering motocross and supercross. However, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the launch of our new venture, Vurboffroad. I’m excited to learn even more about a sport that has become one of my favorite to follow.

With Megan Blackburn at the helm, and Brandon Boling and Wiley Watson behind the camera, not to mention all the future contributors I’m sure we will get the pleasure of working with, I’m confident this site will do to the offroad world what I believe Vurbmoto is currently doing in the motocross world.

Viva la Revolution

Brent Stallo