Vurb's #1 Fan - The Results Are In!!!


The entry process has closed and the results are in, but before we announce who is Vurb's #1 Fan, we're going to show you all the answers

Questions Part 1 - Numero 1000
1. Who is the occasional vurbmoto videographer who opens the video by saying "Is Kevin Windham in there?" - Travis Steward (one of many pranks Mr Steward did)
2. Who's track is shown at 0:18? - James Stewart's
3. Which event were we presenting at 0:34, point each for track name and year? - 2007 Mini O's
4. Name BOTH of the riders battling at 0:49 and again at 1:17 (1pt for each) - Steven "Scuba" Clarke and Taylor Futrell (our first big video, and almost everyone got this right) LINK
5. Who crashes big at 1:39? - Kyle Engle LINK
6. What is the name of the #4 rider, batting with James Stewart at 1:57? - Sebastien Pourcel (if you just put "Pourcel", we gave you the benefit of the doubt)
7. Who is the vurbmoto videographer seen water-skiing at 2:13? - Gary Price (very few got this right)
8. Which city was the street-bike stunts video for Red Bull filmed in, (seen at 2:33)? - Chicago LINK
9. Who's the kid being tracked by a helicopter at 2:58? - Adam Cianciarulo
10. Who's rapping at the end? - Austin Stroupe

Questions Part 2 - Pictures

Vurb Pictures
1. Who's the rider showing off his tricks at Mammoth? - Darryn Durham

Vurb Pictures
2. Who is this rider airing it out at Freestone? - Nico Izzi
Vurb Pictures
3. Which track is RC at? - Red Bud during the 2-Stroke Invitational
Vurb Pictures
4. Who rode their bike like this to the podium at Loretta's? - Trey Canard
Vurb Pictures
5. David Bulmer visited this country in 2009, what is the name of the country? - New Zealand, and this is Lake Pukaki
Vurb Pictures
6. What is the nickname of the motorhome in the background? - Mighty Whitely, although some of your guesses were great and very apt
Vurb Pictures
7. Where did this lightning storm take place? - Loretta Lynn's
Vurb Pictures
8. Who is this rider braving the snowy elements? - Carter Halpain
Vurb Pictures
9. Who is this rider getting the frame-by-frame treatment? - PJ Larsen (although easy to see why so many guessed Wilson)
Vurb Pictures
10. This track got a bit wet, but which track was it? - Southwick
Vurb Pictures
11. Who's this youngster at Loretta's? - Ken Roczen
Vurb Pictures
12. Dungey and Villopoto battling it out... but where? - Pala
Questions Part 3 - Music
1. Who was the British rider who features in the video that uses this music, and who was the rider who crashed in the whoops? MP3 - Scott Elderfield is the Brit and Malcolm Stewart was the rider who crashes from this video
2. What artist springs to mind when you say the words "Nico Izzi" and "EPIC" ? - MGMT
3. Who is this, who gives you $5 if you get a holeshot and are one of his peeps? MP3 - The one and only Donn Naughty
4. Name both of the two MX Circuits that we produced videos from, that both used Midnight City by M83 - St Jean D'Angely MXoN in 2011, and the Fermo GP in 2012
5. What state did we film in, for the video that uses No Man's Land by B.O.B.? MP3 - The California Swing
6. B.O.B. also features in a Vurb Pro National Redux... which circuit was it? - High Point LINK
7. Who was the artist that we used in a Marvin Musquin video and a Budds Creek video? - Matt & Kim (Marvin / Budds)
8. Who is the rider who's talking with Roger DeCoster about salmon? MP3 - Mike Alessi LINK
9. In this video, there is one four-stroke you can hear, who is riding it? MP3 - Cooper Webb LINK
10. Which of Vurb's videographers created the "Black & Yellow" remix? - Danny Stuart LINK

Questions Part 4 - Amateur Nationals
1. Where was the first ever Vurb Classic / Vurb ProAm Classic held? - Bremen MX (although we did accept Georgia as we weren't specific)
2. In the DMXSperiment, which rider's dad gave David Izer the bike? - Darryn Durham
3. Quite simply, name the track and the rider in the photo below: - Jason Anderson / Ponca City

4. Who won the 2009 Vurb Cup? - Zach Bell
5. At which Amateur National did the Mud Dolphin make his debut? - Millcreek
6. Mrs Jimmy Albertson once hosted a bunch of videos from one Amateur National, which one was it? (We need both year and place for 1pt total) - 2008 Mini O's
7. Who is the King of #headswag? - Jessy Nelson
8. In 2009, Vurbmoto filmed and commentated on a totally brand-new, one-off race featuring a class of ALL the fastest riders. What was the name of the class (be as precise as possible), and who won the race? - Stilez Robertson / 50-450 6-18 Stock/Mod Class at Ponca City LINK
9. If you started with Chris Alldredge's riding #, then subtracted Adam Cianciarulo's riding # from it, then subtracted Cooper Webb's riding #. You should have a 3-digit answer. Which youngster from Arizona is known for using that number? - 588-92-175 = 321 = Mark Worth
10. At Mammoth Mtn, Walters asked three riders who had sickest setup. Jessy Nelson and Tyler Bereman were two of them, who was the third? - Chris Plouffe

Questions Part 5 - About Vurb
1. How fast could a 16yr old Clint Wilkinson throw a fastball in baseball (in mph)? - 93mph
2. What does the "GK" part of GK Films stand for? - Goat Kreations (We're ashamed at how many people googled "GK Films" and gave "Graham King" as the answer)
3. David Bulmer drove around the country for his "Year in MX" in 2007, what was his motorhome/RV called? - Looking for "Mack" but accepted Chevy/Rallye as we weren't clear enough with the question
4. Who designed this t-shirt below? - Justin Odom
Vurb T-Shirt

5. When Wes Williams and David Bulmer walked across the Grand Canyon, 3 other vurbmoto guys drove around to collect them. Ryan Walters was one of them, who were the other two? - John Parkinson and Travis Steward
6. What food did the vurb crew eat at their first Spring Nationals? - PB&J
7. Which race did Troy Bendgen offer to be Travis Steward's personal slave for, in order to help get a job? (Year and Event for a point each) - 2009 Mini O's
8. What race number does Andrew Campo use? - 184
9. Wes Williams has a reoccuring injury, what is that injury? - Shoulder (although some of your guesses were much more appropriate)
10. What was the company that Wes Williams, Brent Stallo, Clint Wilkinson and Andrew Campo all worked at, and is where the idea of Vurbmoto was just a tiny acorn? - Motoplayground
Tie Breaker

If you opened up Google Maps, and created a route that started at Ryan Walters' house, then went to Andrew Campo's, stopped off at Clint Wilkinson's, headed across to Vurb HQ and then to Brent Stallo's house before finishing up at Jason Crane's pad... how many miles is that? - 3197 miles

So, after all that the total quiz was out of 60pts and we were all very impressed with how well everyone did. However, as with motocross, there can only be one winner and that person is Stephen Vertucci. Stephen scored an amazing 59/60 and was a 1/3 guess away from getting 100% (he chose Wilson instead of Larsen in the frame-by-frame photo). And to top it off, he was also just 23 miles away in the tie-breaker question, which has worried staff members enough that they've decided to move houses.

1st - 59pts - Stephen Vertucci (23 miles away)
2nd - 58pts - Karl Ciamaichelo (1079 miles away)
3rd - 58pts - Jeremy Winslow (2799 miles away)

Also congratulations to Ethan Tapp, Ryan LaRue, Anthony Haley, Katie Norman, Connor Ericsson, Janik Schroter, Axel Harrelson, Jim Moran, Matt Huggett, Ben Le Cornu who all got full marks in one or more of the sections. Special congrats Cody Schuster who also got 100% in a section, but who won the tie-breaker by being only 19.4 miles away with his "guess". We have taken the precaution of forwarding your name to the relevant law-enforcement agencies, just in case.

Thanks to everyone who took part though, we hope you had a lot of fun doing it, and it brought back some good memories in the process. It means a lot to us that so many of you guys (and gals) are as passionate about our company as we are, and it helps motivate us to keep pushing the boundaries. We're looking forward to an amazing 2013, but for now, we're just applauding Stephen Vertucci and his knowledge.

David Bulmer