OCT. 12, 2014 - ERIC SHIRK

Warriors of Radness: Insanity at MX 207


Over my time spent at motocross races, I’ve realized that some people are just meant to be gnarly. It’s not that they choose to be that way. No, these rare individuals have simply been blessed with the ability to give absolutely zero concern for the social norms that occur around them. They have no need for the normal or the mundane, and would rather fail trying to succeed than succeed at avoiding failure (that makes sense, but read it again if you must).

These life livers, soul surfers, and righteous rippers are people I like to call Warriors of Radness. This article, which I had originally planned on being a one time deal, has now turned into a series that I plan on continuing throughout each and every race we attend. This being said, read on as I showcase the most rad people, sights, and situations that I have seen thus far here at the Alias MX Vurb Classic at MX 207.

Seth Rarick: Almost Perfect

I’ll be honest, Seth Rarick’s been one of my close homies for years, but there’s one sole reason that I continue to try and give him help in any way that I possibly can still to this day — he’s appreciative. Just last week, his dad (Marty Rarick) called me up just to talk to me for almost 30 minutes about how appreciative he was that I’ve been hooking him up with some vurb coverage over the past few months. You’d be surprised how much that means to any of us here at vurbmoto when someone calls us up just to say thanks. A little most definitely goes a long way. This is why I did everything I possibly could to get Seth to come up here and race the Vurb Classic at MX 207. Plus, Seth has been absolutely shredding lately with a raised level of confidence after racking up a 5th overall in the MX2 Class for the CMRC National Series. So, I knew he’d be a pretty strong contender. However, the kid went above and beyond my expectations for this weekend without a doubt. So far, Seth Rarick’s got wins on wins on wins… literally. After winning every single one of his first motos in the 250 A, 450 A, and Alias MX Free-Mix 250cc classes, I was pretty sure the King of the Classic was going to be a wrap. However, due to a few sketchily turned wrenches, his throttle decided to fall off during the second moto of 250 A, leaving him with a 14th place finish when the checkered flag flew. But hey, I mean I guess 5 out of 6 moto wins ain’t too shabby. I’ll let it slide — this time. All jokes aside though, you killed it yesterday dude. I couldn’t be more pumped for you and Marty, and I can’t think of anyone that deserves it more than you!

Josh Clark: Rippin’ Retina-less

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve probably heard someone say, “I could hit that jump with one eye closed!” a million times. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone actually do it — until now. Earlier this year, Josh Clark was racing a local race at Crow Hill MX, and a rock came catapulting into his face, smashing his goggle lens right into his eye-socket, and completely severing his retina from his eye. I was unaware, but the surgery to fix this type of injury is no joke. After Josh had surgery, he was forced to lie on his stomach, 22 hours out of the day for three weeks straight, so that his retina would compress against the back of his eye and reattach. With blurred vision, and very little to almost no depth perception, you’d think that Clarky would’ve hung up the boots. However, this kid is apparently a complete sicko, because after all that he’s here racing this weekend for the first time since his injury. Actually, he’s here winning. Josh not only never fell outside the top 3 in the A classes yesterday, but he also grabbed himself a moto win and an overall in the 250 A class here at the Classic. Basically Josh, you’re a savage. One eye or not, you’re out here racing, and still bossin’ down moto wins like nothin' ever happened. Keep it up you sicko!

Justin Cooper: 6 for 6

So at this point a lot of you are probably thinking, “Justin Cooper.. Justin Cooper… where do I know that name from?” Well, if I had to bet where you’ve heard of this kid before, I’d probably put my money down on Arenacross. In case you didn’t know, this kid absolutely rips an Arenacross track. Being that I’m from Pennsylvania, and the winter snow season doesn’t allow for too much outdoor riding, I would always go line it up at indoor races in the winter when I was a kid. I can honestly still remember seeing Justin win his classes week in and week out at these races on his little KTM 50. Actually, win is quite an understatement. Out of all the Arenacross gate drops that I’ve seen Justin Cooper tear out of, very rarely have I seen him lose a moto, even at the World Championships (ex: 2014 Amateur Arenacross National Championships where he grabbed himself 3 national titles in one weekend). However, I’ve never really watched Justin race a whole lot on an outdoor track. Plus, no offense to Justin, but I truly didn’t predict the domination that was about to occur being that he was lined up against our hired gun and Loretta Lynn’s national title holder —Stone Edler. The second that gate dropped though, my mindset flipped pretty damn quick. Justin and Stone were going at it like they were trying to reinact a JS7/RC battle from 06’. However, when the dust cleared and the sounds of fans screaming over roaring exhausts came to a hault, it was the number 19 yamaha of Justin Cooper taking the “W”. Oh yeah, Justin went on to win each and every moto of all three classes he entered yesterday as well — leaving him with 6 out of 6 moto wins and the current lead for the King of the Classic. Overall, I know this can go without saying, but you killed it kid. It’s been rad watching you progress throughout the Amateur ranks, and I’m stoked to see all of your hard work finally coming together young shredder!

In conclusion — Seth, Clarky, and Justin, you are supreme beings of the gnarliest kind. Keep it up. 

Eric Shirk