WHAT !S The Premiere



It's Alive

Naples Sushi in Long Beach CA, is what it is, where it's at, and none other than the location of the premier to What !S. On the night of Monday the 9th at 6pm, the restaurant started to accumulate a good show of heads including: Kendall Norman, Quinn Cody, Taylor Robert, Ivan Ramirez, and Kurt Caselli. Everyone was treated to an appetizing bite of sushi that was going to be served later. Saliva was running down my chin as I engulfed the first taste of the California roll, and as I bit into the delicious looking wrap of a sushi, it disappeared into my stomach before I was able to chew. I am not sure if I was that hungry, or if the sushi was truly that amazing, but the sushi was GOOD. One Keg of Kirin, a Light Japanese lager, had a waterfall effect for most. Before a person was even done with there glass, the servers would show up like a river running off the cliffs edge.

Naples owner Steal, an avid motorcycle enthusiast and friend of Quinn Cody and Kendall Norman, was more than helpful with lighting and an providing an adequate entertaining area. Kawasaki’s off-road division supplied Taylor’s KX450F for a display bike, as well as supporting sponsors; FMF, Maxima and Vurboffroad. After sushi, a cool socializing vibe set the tone, and more beer filled everyone's glass, until finally the lights began to dim. A symbolic hush filled the restaurant. Every person in the rooms attention was captivated on the 60-inch Samsung TV elevated eight feet in the air. I pushed play to set it off, but was let down for the fact that the audio was not properly working. After ten minutes of troubleshooting, battling with audio jacks and input devices, Steal was able to make the front speaker work, which was enough to make it just right  Everything went well and I am so happy to finally have completed this project. Thanks to every one for their support.

Good Movie, Good sushi, and Good beer. Cheers

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Wiley Watson