Wil Hahn Makes it a Streak


A cold St. Louis, Missouri was the host to yet another great race in the 250 class.  Snow was in the air throughout the day but the teams were graced with another weekend of luxury with indoor pitting.  The 250 class heated things ups a bit in the city when the young professionals took to the track in the Edward Jones Dome.  The point’s leader coming into the weekend was Dean Wilson aboard the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki.  The previous weekend Wil Hahn made a monumental accomplishment in his career by taking his first Supercross main event win in the 250 class.  That momentum and confidence would carry with him into St. Louis.

The first heat race Zach Bell ripped a signature holeshot.  Wharton made a quick pass on the first lap and would ride to a comfortable victory in front of the St. Louis crowd.  In the second heat race the Munn Racing KTM rider Lance Vincent launched out of the gate to claim the holeshot and was out to a lead in the first few laps.  Todd Krieg went down in the first few laps and it resulted in a red flag and the riders had to go back to the gate.  When the gate dropped Lance Vincent pulled another holeshot but was quickly passed by Dean Wilson who would take the checkers will Wil Hahn in second. 

In the LCQ Zach Bell took the victory and displayed his Ronnie Mac skills with a nice boner air over the finish with Faith in the last transfer spot. Unfortunately, the epic boner air was followed up by lowside after the finish but Bell quickly got up and threw up the “all good” fists in the air.

The stage was set for the main event and the 250 class would not disappoint.  Wil Hahn got out front early and tried to run away from the rest of the pack.  Vince Friese and Lance Vincent were hot on his heels in the first lap but Wharton and Wilson were able to make their way by them.  On lap 7 Wilson was able to find his way around Wharton and set his sights on Hahn.   Hahn was able to keep his distance for a few laps but Wilson was searching for a spot to make the pass.

On lap 11 Wilson set Hahn up for the pass before the whoops but was unsuccessful.  Hahn looked as though he was on a mission and wasn’t going to let Wilson rain on his parade.  Wilson was using the entire track to get around Hahn but he just couldn’t make the passes stick.  When the candles were lit in the main event Wil Hahn would take the checkers for another win to put in the record books. 

Going into Daytona Wil Hahn now has the championship point’s lead over Wilson by one point.  In a year of new faces taking victories this could be a turning point for Wil Hahn’s confidence.  Dean Wilson has another promising threat from the Geico Honda team this year and the battle will continue on the infield of Daytona Speedway next Saturday night.  Will we see Dean Wilson or Wil Hahn take another victory in Daytona or will we see another new face on top of the podium when the dust settles?

Clint Quesinberry