World Mini: Saturday


World Mini is best known for it's wind and desert storms, and the infamous weather finally made an appearance on Saturday as the runoff championship motos wrapped up. A thick layer of dirt and sand swept through the track, covering both riders and spectators. A few times I found myself just pointing the camera and shooting at nothing but a wall of dirt, but this was the  kind of weather we were expecting all week. Regardless, it was a great day for racing and taking home a trophy or two, or three or four for some riders. 

Final motos wrapped up early in the afternoon followed but a few championship runoffs where the top 15 riders from each division of their class battled it out for the title. In the Schoolboy runoff, Jordon Smith carried on the win streak from his division's motos to take the title, but Division 2 leader Jayme Gardiner struggled to do the same. Gardiner had a decent 3rd place start, but found himself in 13th going down early in the moto. 

The guys in the 250 C Mod runoff wanted the title bad - the championship moto was full of crashes. From the holeshot to quite a few of the turns, the first lap was filled with falling riders and flags. Nobody was seriously injured, and Division 1 leader Zane Johnson finished strong to take home the title.


Standout Riders
These riders didn't go undefeated all week, but they did take home a few titles and made a name for themselves at this year's World Mini.

Luke Purther
Luke had a slow start with 4th in the 85/150 Mod. 14-16 class, but he put his head down and charged to the front of the pack. He passed Zachary Bierbower on the final lap with just three corners to go, and held on to the lead to win the title. Purther also took home the 85/150 Mod. 14-16 Championship.

Jordon Smith
Jordon won 4/5 of his championships, taking 3rd only in the 450 B class, but he was on a 250 which still makes his finish pretty impressive. He doesn't have a problem in the 250 class, though. He came back from a 2nd place finish in the 250 B Mod class after leading the entire moto and laying down the fastest laptimes in both motos. He also dominated the Schoolboy runoff, and became the 250 B Stock and 250 4-Stroke Non-Pro champion. Maybe he was using that new 6D Helmet for good luck.

Cleaning House
As predicted, these riders put down some serious laptimes in the final motos and won the title in every class they raced in.

Chris Alldredge
250 Stock Pro
250 Mod Pro
250 Stock Pro
250 Mod Pro

Jett Reynolds
50 Pee Wee Stock 7-8
50 Pee Wee Mod 7-8
Super Pee Wee Mod 6-9
65 Jr. Cycle Stock 6-8
65 Jr. Cycle Mod 6-8

Photo of the week
Crane and I saw this little guy hucking it up and down the hill on Saturday morning. Two words to World Mini from this guy: "Over it." He's going home.

Chelsea Stratso