A World Without Jeffrey


There's no getting away from the fact that Jeffrey Herlings is the best MX2 rider in the World Championships. He's only lost two races this year, and only one of those was a pure MX2-only race in Sweden. After interviewing him in Latvia last weekend (here) and finding out that he's pretty much 100% decided he'll be on a 250 next year as well, I couldn't help but think what it would be like if he wasn't racing the MX2 class next year. It then got me thinking about how good the MX2 class would have been this year if the #84 wasn't participating, it got me thinking so much in fact that I went through the results and took Herlings out of them. So let me present the winners of the MX2 class without Jeffrey Herlings:

Thailand GP

Qatar - Dean Ferris
Thailand - Romain Febvre
Netherlands - Jordi Tixier
Trentino - Jordi Tixier
Bulgaria - Jordi Tixier
Portugal - Dean Ferris
Brazil - Jose Butron
France - Dylan Ferrandis
Italy - Alessandro Lupino
Sweden - Christophe Charlier
Latvia - Jose Butron
Finland - Dean Ferris

As you can see, that is seven different overall winners in 12 rounds. And then you can add Glenn Coldenhoff and Jake Nicholls to the list of moto winners as well, making it one of the most evenly contested championships in recent memory. Of course none of this really matters because Jeffrey is racing, and he is dominating, but behind him, the class is wide open and there have been some cracking battles between all the pretenders.

I'd never wish an injury on anyone but maybe if someone wants to steal Herlings' passport, so he can't race the first three 2014 GP's in Qatar, Thailand and Brazil, that could make next year slightly more exciting...

David Bulmer