XC1 Breakdown: The General GNCC



Since GNCC kicks off with back-to-back rounds, it can be tough for some riders to recover, for others it could come so soon they don’t have time to change up the program. In the XC1 class, we had a pretty familiar running order, which means these guys are on top of consistency.


- Russell Bobbitt was an unexpected surprise on the line, especially when he moved into first so early. The National Enduro rider took on the race with sprint momentum. Bobbitt got stuck in the mudhole, and really put him behind as he finished second to last.

- Charlie Mullins is probably one of the most consistent guys out there, which means Whibley is on the same program since they’re running with each other the entire 3 hours. Charlie took some time to practice before the weekend, which may have given him the upper hand in the Georgia clay and put him on the two box.

- Paul Whibley, a guy that has a history of really struggling with starts has now perfected them. Two rounds in a row he has snagged the holeshot, putting himself out front early. I wouldn’t say Whibley did much wrong in this race, he was consistent, keen on the mud, and made sure to keep Mullins in sight. With both of them so tight, whoever takes the extra time to step up their game will begin to pull on the other. The question is who will that be first?

- Chris Bach was making the move into the top 3 on his Beta when suddenly he noticed his rear shock was no longer doing its job. His tank also sprang a leak just as the riders were called to staging, but that didn’t seem to mess his mind any. Although he place 8th overall, his potential surpasses that finish. It’s only a matter of perfected echanical issues that will land him on the podium.

- We didn’t see Rory Mead where we thought this weekend, but when he came into the pits and told his crew the clutch was starting to go, it all made sense.

- Thad Duvall was running with the big boys yet again. This year has already proved transformation for Duvall and it’s only a matter of time before he’s sitting pretty with a trophy. Running in third, it was almost a sure thing he was going to see the podium.

- Kailub Russell filled the quota. He came to do exactly what he needed to. On Tuesday we were a little worried he may miss this round but when he showed up Saturday prepping for Sunday, we knew there was something good coming. He found the lead, capitalized and cashed in. If third time really is a charm, we’ll see him with the overall for his third career win in North Carolina.

Overall Results
Kailub Russell
Charlie Mullins
Pual Whibley
Nathan Kanney
Thaddeus Duvall
Cory Buttrick
Garrett Edmisten
Rory Mead
Chris Bach
Takeshi Koikeda
Nick Fahringer
Jordan Ashburn
Russell Bobbitt
Jimmy Jarrett

Megan Blackburn