The War Machines Edit Contest

The Lowdown

After an extremely successful inaugural year that saw over 475 individual entries, we’ve decided to bring back the Vurbmoto Edit Contest – but this time around it’s going to be even more badass as we’ll be using footage from our 2015 feature film release FMF War Machines. The biggest change will be the introduction of a second round of editing for a group of 10 finalists, who will be narrowed through a count of total Youtube views plus Instagram likes from the first round. The finalists will then be given 3 full uncut segments from the movie – even the shots left on the cutting room floor – to build a 3-4 minute masterpiece of their own. More on this when the time comes!

How will the first round work? On Thursday, December 3rd, we’ll post the links to download a whole bunch of footage on this page. From that point, all editors/competitors will have exactly one week to build a 90 to 120 second teaser (and optional Instagram teaser) using the supplied footage. Then, to make this as fair as possible, you will then upload your edit to your personal youtube page starting, but not before, December 10th. However, upload your instagram teaser whenever you like to give the stoked people a look into what you’ve got coming! You’ll then make a contest entry submission on this page where you’ll enter your youtube and instagram links; this will officially enter you in the contest and allow us to track views and display your video to the world.

Once you get your official video page on Vurbmoto, it’ll be time to start telling your grandmother, uncle, aunts, second cousins, and all of the like to start sharing the heck out of your video. You’ll have a week to make sure your teaser is racking up a gazillion views and likes. The submissions with the top 10 most views and likes will move on to the second round of editing.

Words in a paragraph confuse you? Here’s a simplified list to follow.

  • Download the footage on this page Thursday, December 3rd
  • Edit your 90 to 120 second teaser for a week
  • Upload to your personal youtube page on, but not before, December 10th. Any submissions uploaded before December 10th will automatically be disqualified
  • You can also upload an optional teaser video to instagram whenever you want. The likes will count towards your total score. Add the hashtag #fmfwarmachines.
  • As for music, if youtube accepts it, you’re good to go
  • Use all provided graphics in order to be eligible
  • Submit your Youtube and Instagram videos on this page to create your official contest submission page
  • The top 10 most viewed (on Youtube) + liked (on Instagram) move on to round 2

Huge thanks to our amazing sponsors for supporting this contest with some great prizes: FMF, 100%, MotoSport, Drone Nerds, and Losi. We’ll announce the list of prizes on December 3rd with the download packages.

Who's Eligible

Anyone who has not been paid by Vurb Media Group to produce any content may enter and is eligible for the prizes.


*Prizes subject to change.